Madfinger Games Anniversary and Unkilled Update


Madfinger Games recently celebrated their 6th anniversary as a games development company.  Since their inception they have released 10 games on the App Store, including some of my favorite FPS games.  They’ve even released Shadowgun: DeadZone Game Master’s Kit on the Unity asset store, which is basically the entire Unity project for their standalone multiplayer version of Shadowgun.  This demonstrates a strong dedication to their user base, as does their efforts in making top notch mobile games.


One such offering, which is in fact their latest game, is the zombie slayer called Unkilled.  It actually just received an update that among other things offers multiplayer PvP action.  Race to the rooftops and take out live opponents in a specially designed arena.  Or, battle against other players in special missions.  There are 5 characters and 12 weapons to choose from, and there are even PvP tournaments to compete in.

Not to rest on their laurels, however, they’ve updated the rest of the game as well.  Those 12 new weapons can be found in the solo campaign along with 8 additional gadgets.  New skill tree and prestige systems give you the ability to customize your character even more, and revamped reward chests offer some slick prizes.  The missions have been overhauled and the objectives are more customizable to your playing style.  They’ve even introduced 3D touch capabilities for those with newer devices.

In case you’re wondering, you can read my thoughts on the game here: Halloween Roundup 2015 and here: Unkilled Rises To The Challenge.



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