Royal Trouble: Hidden Honeymoon Havoc HD in Review: Not So Happily Ever After


It’s hard to believe it’s been over 3 years since we last saw Loreen and Nathaniel, but the outrageous couple is back and ready to start their life of Happily Ever After.  In this sequel to the wonderful adventure game Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures, our royal duo has just gotten married and are embarking on their honeymoon.  Naturally chaos ensues, leaving us with a wonderful adventure full of quirky characters to meet, plenty of puzzles to solve and no hidden object scenes to scrounge through.  Unfortunately there is one little side hunt that just slightly mars an otherwise stellar offering, but if I didn’t have something to complain about I’d probably be lost.


In Hidden Honeymoon Havoc Loreen and Nathaniel decide to take their post-nuptial trip in a castle that claims to be the perfect place for a romantic getaway.  Unfortunately their blissful stay unexpectedly becomes an “escape the room” affair, and things just go downhill from there thanks to the nefarious plans of the castle’s owner.  You’ll just have to play the game for yourself to find out what happens.  I will say that the story is enjoyable, the characters are lots of fun, and just like in the first game you’ll spend time playing both Loreen and Nathaniel when the narrative warrants it.  Overall I felt the transition between the two characters wasn’t always as smooth as in the previous game, but the concept is still neat and there’s one area in particular where I really liked how each protagonist served to drive the story in a different way.

As for the game play itself, you know the drill.  You’ll move between locations, collect items, talk to individuals and solve a wide variety of object based puzzles.  There’s also the occasional mini-game you must complete which usually unlocks some door or chest so that you can advance further into the game.  Some of the mini-games were nice variants of time tested entries for this genre, but nothing really stood out as extraordinary.  While I never believe mini-games should force you to start pulling out your hair, I did find most of them surprisingly easy even though I was playing on the normal difficulty level.  Maybe they’d be more challenging on the hard difficulty setting.  In the end they served their purpose, which was to provide a small break from solving object based puzzles.


Despite having the word “Hidden” in the title, there aren’t actually any full-fledged hidden object scenes in the game.  There are 29 lion’s heads hidden within the rooms that you visit, and if you find all of them you can unlock a chest that you locate towards the end of the game.  Sadly if you miss one there is no way to go back and search for it, which means you’ll have to start over and try and find them all again.  This was the only thing that truly bugged me about the game, even more so because I did miss one and don’t really have the time to go through the whole game again.  Maybe I’ll get ambitious one of these days.  In addition to completing the game and collecting all the lion heads there are 15 achievements to earn.  Of course one of those is collecting all of the lion heads, so yea for me for failing on two out of three goals.

Not too surprisingly, the graphics are pretty sharp.  The backgrounds are well drawn, have plenty of detail, and there are little animations strewn throughout the locations.  The characters are nicely rendered and the cut scenes look good, though it might have been nice if those were animated.  The sound effects are spot on, and the narrator does a great job.  It’s a shame that we never get to hear the main characters talk, but occasionally the narrator tries to be a bit creative when “voicing” lines that would have been spoken by one of the players in the tale.  The music is enjoyable and really compliments the mood of the game.


Royal Trouble: Hidden Honeymoon Havoc is proof that you can strike gold twice.  Loreen and Nathaniel are just as witty and adventurous as they were the first time around, and they sure know how to get in and out of their share of sticky situations.  The multitude of object puzzles will keep you busy without ever frustrating you, the mini-games give you a nice break every once in a while, and everything is wrapped up in an attractive bow that really helps draw you into the happy couple’s exploits.  I just hope when the story continues the developers plunge far enough into the future that we get the royal heir thrown into the mix, because I would love to see what sort of mischief the next generation of this lineage could cause.


App Summary
Title: Royal Trouble: Hidden Honeymoon Havoc HD (Full) Developer: G5 Entertainment
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req:  iOS 7.0
Price: $6.99 App Size: 577.27MB
  • Great continuation of a fun story
  • More quirky characters to meet
  • Lots of puzzles to solve
  • Sharp visuals and spot on audio
  • Lion’s head hunt kind of annoying
  • Mini-games were a bit too easy
  • Only the narrator is given a voiceover


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