Want To Chat With Taylor From Lifeline?


Ever had the desire to talk to a fictional character? On March 22nd you’ll get your chance, at least if the character you want to chat with is Taylor from the first and third installments of the Lifeline series from 3 Minute Games. Just load up your favorite Twitter client on the 22nd and send your questions to @lifelinegame. Just make sure to include the hashtag #Talktotaylor so everyone can follow along on the fun.

In the mean time, if you’re an Android buff you can vote for Lifeline: Silent Night for Android Game of the Year in the Pocket Gamer 2016 Awards here: Pocket Gamer 2016 Awards. Just don’t tell anyone that I was encouraging you to vote Android!

Finally, if you feel you have some creative ability, start thinking about what you’d like to see on a T-Shirt based around the Lifeline franchise.  This contest should surface some time in April, and I’ll bring you more details when I have them.

Oh, and while you’re at it, check out my review of the latest installment in the Lifeline franchise: Lifeline: Silent Night Review

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