Party Gods in Review – Most Excellent, or a Bummer?


Forget the multitude of Guitar Hero clones that are out there.  When it comes to rhythm based games I prefer something wacky and different, and Party Gods certainly delivers in that regards.  As I continually discover when I’m playing rhythm games, however, I apparently have no clue what a beat is.  My biggest frustration with this game is that I am continually getting “Off Beat” messages even when I don’t think I am, which can really break your concentration.  Still, I like the general vibe that Party Gods exudes, and I think with a little refinement it could be something special within the category of rhythm games for iOS devices.


You control one of three animal dancers, and your task is to rock to the music and defeat the bunny hordes.  The game actually has a slight bit of a story which is pretty silly yet adds to the overall charm of the game.  Playing the game is a simple matter of tapping a bunny on the screen on the beat of the song you are listening to.  Unlike most rhythm games you aren’t necessarily penalized for a missed tap or an off-beat blunder, but it does give you less time to make the right moves.  If one bunny gets to your dancer in the middle of the screen then it’s the last dance for you and you have to start over again.  There are three dancers to master altogether, and to get to the second and third dancers you must complete a certain percentage of a song with the previous dancer.

This is where the “unfortunately” part of the review comes in.  Sadly, this is really about all there is to the game.  Unlike most rhythm games I’ve played where you get a percentage rank per song, in Party Gods your percentage complete is by dancer, so if you’re skilled enough to get there you only have to do it three times, one for each participant.  There aren’t any stats either, which means you have no idea what your best songs are, or how many times you’ve tried each one or anything like that.  This all wouldn’t be quite as bad if there were some sort of way to compare your skills with other partiers, but alas that doesn’t exist either.  There are 5 achievements to earn, but you can’t even find out about those unless you exit the game and go into the dedicated Game Center app.  It just seems like the game needs to give the user more rewards for their efforts, especially when it comes to players like me that have no rhythm to begin with.


The other big issue I have with this game is the music.  The video preview of the game is correct in saying that the music can induce toe-tapping, but I think that’s more due to skillful use of beats and rhythms.  Typically for this genre of game I tend to make comments like “normally I wouldn’t listen to this type of music but here it works”, but in this case I don’t even care for the music in the context of the game.  It all pretty much sounds the same to me, which becomes frustrating when I tap the shuffle button and it doesn’t sound like anything has changed.  As for the visuals, I like the overall design, but it has a weird 3D effect that actually becomes hard to look at after a while.  Add to that the “explosions” that occur when you tap a bunny, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going on, especially when it comes to seeing other bunnies on the screen.

Party Gods has a lot of potential.  There’s a quirky plot, killer bunnies and a trio of animals that could dance a Saturday Night Fever induced John Travolta under the table.  It just seems like there’s not enough actual game in Party Gods right now.  A more diverse soundtrack wouldn’t hurt anything either.


App Summary
Title: Party Gods Developer: Chopsticks Games
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req:  iOS 7.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 66.87MB
  • Silly plot involving killer bunnies
  • Unique game play for rhythm based games
  • Stand-out visual style
  • Not much reward for your efforts
  • Visuals can be kind of hard to stare at for extended periods
  • Didn’t care much for the music


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