News: More Temple Run 2 and Power Hover


Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows

I don’t get around to posting news much because I’d rather spend my time playing and reviewing games.  But, as a self-proclaimed infinite runner addict I felt there were a couple of items this week that I should pass on to the loyal fans of  First of all, unless you’ve chosen to completely ignore the “this is what’s popular” section of every news and review site you’re at least familiar with Temple Run 2.  And if you haven’t yet tried it, you really should.  In case you haven’t been properly motivated yet, maybe this latest update will help.  Released on December 2nd, the new version of one of the premier mobile infinite runners added a new world called Frozen Shadows.  Not only does this foray into an icy realm look incredible, but it adds a slick new snowboard to the mix as well as some aggressive moneys that not only follow you but jump out at you from the sides of the course.  Plus, according to the developers this is only the first in a new series of updates that will launch sporadically throughout 2016, reaffirming Imangi’s commitment to their products.

Temple Run 2 Imangi Studios, LLC, Temple Run 2 – Free

Power Hover

This one isn’t really an infinite runner, but it kind of looks like one from the video.  Regardless, Power Hover looks pretty awesome.  Your goal is to collect as much energy as possible so you can restore power to your robot village and unlock upgrades to make your journey even more successful.  Whether you’re swimming with sharks or dodging large robotic spiders this games seems to have some incredible level design.  It won’t be released until December 10th, but I thik it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for.  Check out the video below to judge for yourself.

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