Unkilled Rises To The Challenge


Madfinger Games has been on the iOS scene since 2009, and I’d say they’ve got the first / third person shooter formula down pretty good at this point.  It started with Shadowgun, which was one of the few third person shooters I’ve really gotten into on any platform, and then they moved to the Dead Trigger series.  Now they’ve unleashed Unkilled on us, and it’s clear they’ve refined the game mechanics they established in their previous zombie franchise.  Apparently I’m not the only one that feels this way, because the game has been downloaded more than 3 million times since its release.


What personally appeals to me about Unkilled is that it’s an FPS that is truly designed for mobiles.  The missions are short, so you can play one or two when you can squeeze in the time or you can play a whole bunch at once if you want.  The auto fire makes for a smooth controlling experience, and “purists” can still have their manual fire option if they wish.  From a design point of view it’s nice that you’re actually fighting alongside other soldiers, which surprisingly is a tactic that is still not very widely used in this type of game.  And the best part for me is that while it looks really good it still runs quite nicely on my aging iPad 2.  It’s getting a lot harder to find that combination in visually intense games these days.

So if you’re into numbers and statistics like me, Madfinger Games was kind enough to release some such data to celebrate their milestone of 3 million downloads.  I was just going to paste the text in here, but since they were kind enough to provide a cool infographic I thought I’d pass that along instead:


Of course what you really need to do is check it out for yourself.  Get the iOS version on the App Store, or treat your Android device via Google Play.

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