Colopl Gearing Up To Tell A Rune Story


Colpol might not be a household name in America, but they’ve certainly been busy on the App Store with more than 100 games available for download.  I’ve actually mentioned several of their games in my “10 App Store Games To Watch” articles over time.  One thing I’ve noticed about their catalog is they seem to focus on simple casual games, which is perfectly fine for a mobile market.  It looks like their starting to expand their scope, however, both in content and location.  Colopl is gearing up to open a North American division of their company, and their first release is going to be an action / RPG called Rune Story.

The game will be a story driven, quest based affair, but you’ll be able to hook up with up to three other players to take on epic bosses that would otherwise make you curl up in a corner and cry.  There will be more than 100 character and weapon combinations to unlock, so those that are into grinding and collecting should feel right at home.  There’s also going to be a city building element lest you feel like you’re cheating on your Clash of Clans time.  It definitely sounds like an ambitious project for the folks at Colopl, but if the preliminary video is any indication I think the players will be happy with the results.

No release date has been set yet as far as I’m aware, so if you head on over to the site and pre-register now you’ll receive a special Rune Sword when the game is made available worldwide.

Rune Story home page

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