Update: Streetfood Tycoon from Kuyi Mobile better than ever


Streetfood Tycoon was always one of my favorite street vendor time management games, but leave it to Kuyi Mobile to feel like they need to make it even better.  There was already plenty to serve, tons of fun customers and lots of goals to meet.  This time around they’ve decided to tackle pop culture, new challenges and even pay homage to their homeland.

  • Daily Challenges – come back day after day to unlock new items and upgrades for your cart
  • Like spoofs?  Meet Jun Snow from Game of Throngs, Steep Curry from Warriorz (a spoof of their own game Warriors of Nom Nom), and more…
  • If you’re from the Philippines you might recognize local favorites like Red Star, Monty and others… and if you’re not get busy looking them up

This is one of those free-to-play games that you actually can complete without spending any IAP (I have), but if you download and like it toss the devs a couple of bucks anyway.

Streetfood Tycoon Kuyi Mobile, Streetfood Tycoon – Free

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