You Wanna Make Games? Sure You Do…


You’ve been playing games for years, but the truth is you secretly want to actually make them.  The problem is, you don’t know where to start.  Maybe Humble Bundle can help you out.  They are currently offering a game making bundle that comes with a wide assortment of tools for making games and some demos of what can be made with those tools.  For a complete list of what comes with the bundle you can check out the official page here: Humble Game Making Bundle (and yes, I’ve already bought mine).  In the mean time, here’s a partial list of what you can get, depending on what you’re willing to pay…
Game Guru
Stencyl: 1 year license
RPG Maker VX Ace Deluxe Edition
Spriter Pro


Maybe you’re more of a modder at heart.  You’ve possibly even been itching to try your hand at the Unity 3D engine but didn’t want to start something from scratch.  Mad Finger Games has been kind enough to take modding to a whole new level by supplying users with the entire project chain for their multiplayer arena game Shadowgun: DeadZone.  You can download the game on the App Store to see how it plays, then head on over to the Unity Assets store and grab the entire codebase as well as all the assets for free.  Add new weapons, characters, levels… even new game mechanics if you’d like.  Be the master of your own FPS destiny.

Shadowgun: DeadZone on the App Store
Project on Unity Asset store

While the Shadowgun DeadZone Game Master’s Kit might not be helpful with this, the Humble Game Making Bundle has been launched in conjunction with the second annual Indie Game Making Contest.  Not only can the tools in the bundle be used to help you make an entry for this contest, but sales of the bundle directly affect the resulting prizes that will be offered for contest winners.  Get coding and good luck!

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