Looking for a bargain for the 4th? How about 10 Tons of them?


Are you interested in finding some entertaining games to help kill some time over the 4th of July weekend?  10tons Ltd. is happy to oblige by putting all of its iOS games on sale.  This includes the great marble popper series Sparkle, wonderful matching games like the Azkend series and Heroes Of Kalevala, and quirky puzzle fare like King Oddball.  For a full list of games check out their iTunes page here: 10tons on iTunes

And here’s what TouchMyApps has to say about some of their titles:
Sparkle 2 Review
King Oddball Review
Azkend 2 HD Review
Heroes of Kalevala Review
Abundante! Review
Boom Brigade Review

Finally, if you still manage to sit down to your PC and play a game every once in a while, check out these Steam Greenlight projects:
Tennis in the FaceKing Oddball

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