Got Goldfish in Trouble? Now Get Some Extras With A Promo Code…


Hey, did you happen to check out Goldfish in Trouble based on my recommendation from 10 App Store Games To Watch [6/14/15] (note that it was called BUBBLA back when I wrote this)?  If not but you were intending to do so, or even if you already have, here’s some incentive to play it (some more).  The developers were kind enough to provide me with a promo code that will enable all skins from the onset, provide you with 500 gold coins, and get rid of those pesky ads.  You’ll find the code at the bottom of this post, and here’s how to apply it:

  1. In the Main Menu, there is a yellow fish.
  2. Tap on the fish quickly multiple times!
  3. A pop-up window will be shown for entering the coupon code
  4. After entering the correct code, content of the coupon will be unlocked

Just in case that’s not working for you, check out this instructional image.

Now, here’s the code: tmap042prm

Enjoy, and be sure to drop the developer a note thanking them for the code.  By the way, while this is first come first serve, it will work for 20 users.  Get tapping!

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