Fix The Candy in Review – Sweet Success In A Puzzle Game


I have to admit that I have this really bad stigma towards games that are priced at $2.99 on the App Store.  I don’t know why, but to me that seems to be the price point that has been settled on for a wide variety of games that should honestly be free… or maybe shouldn’t have even made it to the App Store in the first place.  Thankfully I decided to ignore that quirk in my judgment with Fix The Candy, which has turned out to be an incredibly fun game.  Unfortunately there’s only one save slot, so I’ve had to keep shooing my kids away until I get the game completed on my own.  Oh, the trials I endure for a good game!


The idea is that a bad earthquake has torn the magical kingdom of Candy World apart and splintered all the candy in the process.  Your job is to put all the candy back together by dragging the sweet shards onto each other to form a whole.  You have to be careful, though, because anything you touch with the candy that is not a like piece of candy will destroy it (and if it’s a different type of candy you’ll also destroy that piece of candy as well).  Additionally, if you let go of a piece of candy before you’ve joined it with another like piece of candy then you can kiss that candy goodbye.

It already sounds a bit nerve wracking, right?  Well just to make sure things aren’t so easy, there are all kinds of obstacles.  Walls, moving walls, walls with spikes (and of course moving walls with spikes) will all restrict the areas in which you can move.  And just in case that doesn’t feel modern enough for you, there are laser walls to contend with as well.  Don’t forget about the creatures that like to eat candy.  Some of them will actively seek out the candy which adds additional pressure to the already ticking clock.  Others will grow bigger when they consume a piece of candy.  Thankfully you have a few tricks up your sleeve, like pipes that let you pass through the walls and a magnet that can assemble a whole piece of candy by dragging one shard on it.


Control is a simple matter of tapping a piece, dragging it to another like piece and letting go.  While this seems easy enough, there have been a number of times where I thought I was on a piece and started dragging only to realize it hadn’t registered the fact that I picked up the piece.  Also, dropping off the piece seems to be somewhat sensitive as again there were several occasions where I thought I was in the right place only to watch my pieces go poof in a puff of smoke.  It’s certainly not enough of an issue to keep me from playing, but seeing as it’s the only controllable mechanic in the game it could be a bit smoother.  The game has a leaderboard, though last time I checked there was one person on it which leads me to believe it’s not working right.  At the moment there are no achievements to earn.

The graphics are cute, with colorful candies and quirky critters.  The different styles of candy are distinct enough that even when they get smaller they’re easy to tell apart.  There really isn’t much to the background, but at least there are some nifty special effects when your candy gets destroyed.  The sound effects are decent enough, and the music is fun for a bit, although the single musical track gets kind of boring after a while.


Fix The Candy is a nice combination of puzzle game and twitch fest.  Even with the timer it rarely gets frustrating, and it’s both simple enough for younger kids to understand and challenging enough to keep older kids (both in age and spirit) entertained.  The biggest down side is that with only 60 levels some skill and a little persistence will have you wanting more before long.


App Summary
Title: Fix The Candy Developer: Evelyn Labs
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req:
Price: $1.99 App Size: 86.95MB
  • Simple, fun game mechanics
  • Entertaining for both young and old players
  • Cute, colorful visuals
  • Control can be a bit touchy
  • 60 levels go by quickly
  • The single background song gets boring pretty fast


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