The Frankenstein Wars – Ring In Christmas With The Undead


I’m certainly as much a fan of zombie games as the next guy, but there are other undead specimens that are just as cool and often tend to go virtually unnoticed.  The upcoming game The Frankenstein Wars takes the notion that someone has managed to harness the secrets of Dr. Frankenstein and create an army of piecemeal soldiers that feel no pain and can definitely wreak havoc.  You actually control the fate of two brothers, and it’s up to you whether they become allies to stop the impending invasion or if they choose to be mortal enemies as one vies for ultimate power.


While story will certainly be key to this adventure, the game goes well beyond the scope of normal interactive gamebooks.  You’ll explore interactive maps, follow branching, non-linear storylines, and eventually decide the fate of two different characters.  Your goals will change as the story progresses, and your theoretical victory will be affected by your pace – the longer you take to reach the enemy, the stronger they will be.  Weather can actually direct the story, and you’ll even get to command whole battalions of troops.  The scope of the game sounds much grander than anything we’ve experienced previously in a gamebook adventure, and I for one am pretty excited about it.

It appears that The Frankenstein Wars is slated to ship in December on both iOS and Android platforms, and there is currently a Kickstarter campaign so the developers can gather a few additional funds to tidy things up a bit.  Head on over and check it out.

Video: The Frankenstein Wars on Youtube
Kickstarter Campaign: The Frankenstein Wars on Kickstarter
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