Leo’s Fortune in Review – iOS Platforming At It’s Best


As far as I’m concerned the platform game genre reigned supreme in the days of 8 bit and probably even 16 bit consoles.  Many have tried to capture the feel of such games on the iPad, and a few have managed to succeed.  The biggest obstacle usually ends up being how to control the main character of the game.  The developers behind Leo’s Fortune have managed to make both an outstanding platform game from a design perspective and one that controls extremely well.  If you haven’t tried this game yet you’re really missing out.


You play Leo, who is basically a Tribble with a personality and a disproportionately large moustache.  You were once well respected in the land, but now that a thief has stolen all of your riches you are looked on as a fool.  It is up to you to track down the thief, collecting all of the gold he has left to taunt and bait you along the way.  The game consists of 5 acts for a total of 19 regular levels and 4 bonus levels.  Compared to some games it may not seem like an overabundance, but trust me when I say it will take you some time to master the main levels, especially if you want to earn 3 stars on all of them.  The bonus levels are basically to test your speed as they challenge you to zip around a track as many times as you can in a certain amount of time.  The bonus levels are nice for a diversion I guess, but they don’t really compel me to play them like the standard levels do.

Speaking of which, there is some killer design in the main levels, at least from what I’ve seen so far.  I say that because each level has a 3 star ranking: one for collecting all the coins, another for beating the level without dying and a third for finishing the level under a certain amount of time.  The way I am I find myself continually replaying the older levels instead of continuing on because I really, really need all those stars.  While the one for coins has never really been an issue, it turns out not dying and getting through the level fast tend to be mutually exclusive for me, if I can even get either of them on a given level.  Not only are the levels laid out in such a way that you want to explore (even though you basically don’t have the time to), some of the puzzles are fiendish in their simplicity vs. time allotment ratio.  In other words, they aren’t necessarily difficult unless you try to do them fast.


You can move Leo left or right and cause him to either inflate or squish depending on your needs.  There are two methods for controlling him.  The first is through a set of on screen buttons, and the second has you using one finger to slide back and forth for left / right movement while the other finger slides up to inflate and down to squish.  While the second one is actually pretty effective, I still find it easier to use the on screen buttons.  The game offers 26 different leaderboards, so you can definitely get your rank on.  There are also 37 achievements to earn on the off chance that working for all those stars just aren’t enough for you.

The graphics in Leo’s adventures are beautiful.  The landscapes are extremely well drawn, there are gobs of detail throughout, and the main character looks cool and is well animated.  A lot of times that means the audio portions of the game don’t fare as well, but for Leo that’s not the case.  The sound effects are very well done and I love the accent of whoever does Leo’s voice.  The music is nicely written and suits the game.  As a whole the aesthetics blend together to form a vibrant universe for your exploration pleasure.


Platform games have always been one of my favorite genres, and now players have another reason to enjoy this style of game play on their iOS devices.  Slick visuals, great level design and some of the best platform gaming controls to date help Leo’s Fortune rise above the crowd compared to its peers.  I do wish it weren’t quite so tough to earn some of the stars, especially in the earlier levels, but at least that gives me more incentive to keep on playing!


App Summary
Title: Leo’s Fortune Developer: 1337 & Senri LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.6 Min OS Req:  iOS 7.0
Price: $4.99 App Size: 73.84MB
  • Some great puzzles and level design
  • Solid controls
  • Lots of leaderboards and achievements
  • Great visuals
  • Well done audio
  • Bonus levels not so interesting
  •  3 stars difficult to achieve even on early stages


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