The Fool HD in Review – You’d Be Foolish Not To Try It


Some people say there’s a fine line between being a hero and a fool, and the main character in The Fool HD from Big Fish Games did his best to try and prove it.  Given the macabre, horror style entries BFG has been turning out so much of lately this was a nice change of pace both in story and general atmosphere.  In fact, overall it was a rather fun, well designed adventure.  It certainly has the same minor misgivings that most hidden object adventure games do these days, but it was a joy to play from beginning to end.


You are a nameless one, just another in a long line of wannabe adventurers trying to gain the princess’ hand in marriage.  Unfortunately you decide to buck the system resulting in your newly betrothed being whisked away by a ticked off dragon.  Now you must journey to the vile beast’s castle and finish what you claimed to have done the first time, both ridding the kingdom of the dragon and bringing your lovely bride home.  The story is lighthearted and will sometimes make you smile, even if it is a bit cliché.  It does a good job of keeping you entertained and providing a reason for visiting the different realms that you do.

If you’ve played any hidden object games on your iDevice already then you know the drill where game play is concerned.  Tap to move between locations, tap to pick up objects, and drag to use inventory items with other objects on the screen.  There are a couple of times where you actually have to drag to interact with an on-screen object, but “out of the norm” manipulation like that is still a rarity in this game.  The mini-games are all pretty much tap or drag affairs, and as usual there are a couple that are hard to manipulate, but overall I actually enjoyed the diverse selection of mini-games that were offered.  In fact, the general balance between object puzzles, hidden object scenes and mini-games was just about perfect in The Fool.


Visually the game is very appealing.  The backgrounds are nicely drawn and quite detailed, and there’s pretty much always something going on animation wise to keep things from getting stale.  The character designs look really good as well.  The sound effects serve their purpose, but there was a lot of missed opportunity for cool ambient noises in certain locations.  The voiceover for the narration was well done, but sadly we didn’t get to hear any of the other players in this fun story.  On the other hand, the musical score was extremely well written.

There’s a good chance I might have missed out on this one had I not caught the April Fool’s day sale, and I’m so thankful I didn’t.  As happy as I am when I manage to score a great game for 99 cents, this is definitely worth the normal asking price for the full version.  A fun story, excellent game play and great aesthetics make The Fool HD one adventure definitely worth taking.


App Summary
Title: The Fool HD Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req:
Price: Free App Size: 456.34MB
  • Lighthearted, amusing story
  • Great game play balance
  • Nice visuals
  • Well written music
  • Some mini-games hard to maneuver
  • No voiceovers aside from narrator


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