Orbix in Review: ‘Round and ‘Round The Core We Go…


Welcome to Orbix, the game about protecting your core from all those who would try to destroy it.  The “core” is a set of glowing circles in the center of the screen, and it’s where you derive your energy from. Lots of triangle shaped ships will try to infiltrate your defenses and take the core out, and if enough of them sneak through you’ll be out of power and the game will be over.  The enemies will come at the core in different movement patterns and speeds, but basically they are all the same.  It doesn’t really matter when you’re losing power, though.  You’ll simply be focusing on taking them out so you can last as long as possible.


To protect the core you have a single ball that rotates around it.  Tap the right side of the screen to get the ball to rotate clockwise and the left side of the screen for a counterclockwise spin.  It’s all pretty intuitive unless you’re like me and accidentally reverse direction just before you collide with a bad guy.  Of course there is one rather interesting wrinkle in this whole thing: power ups must enter the core in order to be activated, and the ball you control can destroy them just as easily as it can destroy an enemy space ship.  In other words, you can be your own worst enemy in this game.

If you are lucky enough to let a power up through you’ll be treated to things like increased rotation speed, a bigger ball, and double ball action.  It does pay to remember what icons equate to which power ups, though, because there are a couple that are bad like reversing the direction of your controls or shrinking your ball.  Feel free to destroy those before they “help” you.  For those that like “last ditch efforts” you do have two one use items that you can activate at any time: a shield and a battery that completely recharges your core.  Use sparingly, but don’t be afraid to tap when you’re about to die.  The game does support Game Center for challenges and a leaderboard, but there are currently no achievements.


The graphics are pretty simple, but they look sharp and there are enough little twinkles to keep things interesting.  The sound effects are probably the weakest part of the audio-visual presentation, but they suit the needs of the game.  There’s only one musical track, but it’s actually pretty neat and definitely maintains a high energy.

Orbix is one of those games that are perfect for when you have a few minutes to kill waiting in line or something like that.  There’s not a lot of variety to the game play, but it is fun trying to get the power ups and last just a little bit longer each time.  It would be nice to see more types of ships and a couple of different game modes, but for what it has Orbix provides a nice little diversion every now and again.


App Summary
Title: Orbix Developer: Christian Ghelardoni
Reviewed Ver: 1.2 Min OS Req:  iOS 7.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 18.08MB
  • Simple mechanics
  • Nice visuals
  • Cool background music
  • Lack of game play variety
  • No achievements or unlockables
  • Lackluster sound effects and only one song


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