Robot School. Learn To Code – Even Programming Can Be Fun


Do you have children that are interested in learning how to program?  Maybe you just feel like your son or daughter has potential and want to trick them into it?  Robot School. Learn to Code might just be the tool for the job.  Aimed at children 7 and older, the software is presented as a puzzle game where you have to help a robot make its way back home, but in order to do so you’ll have to program it to get around all kinds of sticky situations.  According to the developer Next is Great, here are the basic selling points:

  • The app is suitable for children aged 7 and above
  • It offers a child-friendly way to learn procedures, loops and conditional instructions, while making programming fun and accessible, regardless of prior experience
  • The app has 45 levels for children to work through, unlocking new powers and achievements as they go
  • The code created in the app can be then previewed in Apple’s Swift programming language and shared on Facebook
  • PSST … it is a great logic game for grown ups too!

If you’d like to see the game in action, here’s a Youtube video: Robot School is in session

And for the first three to grab them, the developers were kind enough to offer some promo codes:

If you happen to take one please drop the developer a note to say thanks, or at least consider rating it on the App Store.  And if the codes have already expired I apologize, because it took me a little while to get this post up.

Robot School. Learn to Code Next is Great, Robot School. Learn to Code – $2.99

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