Acky’s Breakout Reloaded – brick breaker in Review: Played The Rest? Try One Of The Best


If you consider yourself anything more than a solitaire player when it comes to computer games then you’ve probably played a Breakout clone or two in your time.  Much like the tower defense genre there’s a pretty basic game play mechanic that most variants in this genre stick to, so just like in tower defense games it tends to boil down to window dressing.  And boy is Acky’s window looking spiffy.  There are power ups, pilots and pets, oh my!  Create more than one ball at the same time, destroy random bricks to help you complete a level and try real hard to conquer the boards where you must hit all the bricks without touching the side and top walls.  This may be “just” a brick breaker at heart, but there’s plenty of fluff to keep gamers happy.


So it’s just another Saturday night as you head out in your extremely oversized paddle to knock around a few bricks that seem to have formed odd but appealing patterns in the middle of space.  If most of this sounds familiar then you get the gist of your average Breakout clone.  Thankfully Acky’s Breakout Reloaded tosses in enough extras to make it stand out from the crowd.  Foremost is the idea of creating balls from a mystical material called ether.  As long as you have enough you can create another ball and keep playing, and the stuff does regenerate over time.  You can also collect it as it falls from certain bricks or buy it in the store with the pizza that you earn.  There are plenty of power ups to collect and use, and whenever possible the game tries to put a new twist on them – for example, the Prediction power up will not only draw a line to show where the incoming ball will bounce when you hit it, but the ball actually slows down so you can try to reposition the shot if you want.

When you complete a level you’ll earn 10, 20 or 30 slices of pizza depending on the rank you placed in the level.  You can also sometimes pick up slices of pizza floating in space if your reflexes are quick enough, and naturally you can buy additional pizza via IAP.  Pizza is used to buy power ups (if you want to actually start the level with one), specials which include things like filling ether and gem tanks, and pilots and pets.  You can collect ‘em all if you wish – in fact it’s encouraged thanks to two of the missions – but you can only use one pilot and one pet at a given time.  Each has their own bonus to bring to the game, so choose wisely based on how you like to play.  The game boasts 175 levels, and so far none of them have felt repetitious to me.  There are also 24 missions (AKA Game Center achievements) to complete as well as 6 different leaderboards to rank on.  The only additional thing I’d like to see is some sort of reward for completing each mission.


The graphics are retro HD, with cool pixel graphics that are nicely detailed and just enough special effects to keep them from getting boring.  You do actually see your pilot and pet in the paddle as well, which is a sweet touch.  The sound effects are pretty much what you might expect from this type of game, and it’s kind of disappointing that there are no special noises for any of the pilots or pets that you pick.  On the other hand, I really like the music.  It’s not necessarily the kind of stuff I’d listen to on its own, but the style just seems to suit the overall atmosphere of the game.

There is certainly no shortage of breakout style games on the App Store.  The question is whether you want just another clone or are you more interested in playing the best?  If you choose the latter then you’ll definitely want to take Acky’s Breakout Reloaded for a spin.  I’m not a big fan of the genre, but after more than 40 levels the game still has me thoroughly entertained.  Between the sheer number of levels, the achievements and the vast amount of pilots and pets there are to collect there’s never a shortage of goals to reach for, and the game even does a decent job of combating the “can’t get that last brick” syndrome so many brick breaker games suffer from.  And who doesn’t love the thought of using pizza as currency?


App Summary
Title: Acky’s Breakout Reloaded – Brick Breaker Developer: Isotope 244
Reviewed Ver:  1.0 Min OS Req:  iOS 5.0
Price: $2.99 App Size:  38.2 MB
  • Plenty of levels
  • Numerous achievements and 6 leaderboards
  • Lots of pets and pilots to collect
  • Great pixel art and rockin’ music
  • Pizza takes a lot of time to earn
  • Sound effects are a bit weak


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