Shadow Fight 2 – Definitely Not Hiding In The Shadows


In a virtual App Store that sees thousands of new game releases a month, how is a company supposed to get noticed?  Some feel they need to turn to publishers like Chillingo or BulkyPix, while others put their trust in PR firms.  Apparently Nekki believes in the power of its own fan base.  Shadow Fight 2 is the mobile sequel to their hit Facebook martial arts game, and so far it has seen 35 million downloads between iOS and Android devices.  Nekki has amassed an amazing 160 million downloads amongst all of their games, which is quite impressive given that they has spent very little on advertising up to this point.  Still, as someone who has more than 20,000 titles in his collection can attest to, just because someone downloads a game doesn’t mean they are playing it.  However, Shadow Fight 2 average 1.5 million users per day, so I think they have the “actually playing” fan base nailed down pretty well.  For a more detailed look at this milestone you can take a look at Nekki’s complete press release here:

Shadow Fight 2 for iOS and Android Surpasses 35 Million Downloads


In the mean time, I thought I’d add an itsy bitsy notch to their formidable digital belt and take the game for a spin myself.  I’m playing on an iPad 2 running iOS 8.0.1 (I know, my bad), and the game seems to handle itself pretty well.  I’ve never been big on fighting games, and my skill is even less credible when you take away a physical joystick, but I’m managing to do okay so far.  There seems to be plenty of options for attack with an 8 way virtual joypad as well as kick and punch buttons, assuming you can actually pull of the combos that you learn along the way.  Game modes include a comprehensive story option, tournament mode to help you level up and survival mode which gives you the chance to earn extra coins.  As you level up you’ll unlock new perks, weapons and armor, all of which make it easier for you to advance in the different areas of the game.  The shadowy renderings combined with some really fluid animation make this pretty incredible to watch, and the music and sound effects transport you to the days of fun Bruce Lee flicks.  From my admittedly limited fighting game experience on the iPad, I’d say Shadow Fight 2 is a pretty decent contender.

Shadow Fight 2 Nekki, Shadow Fight 2 – Free

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