Earn to Die 2: More Motorized Zombie Hijinx Coming Soon


At the end of 2012 I reviewed a game called Earn To Die, a post apocalyptic, get from point A to point B while running over zombies style game.  There were actually several games of this type released around the same time, yet while I managed to dismiss most of the others as derivative and uninteresting, there was something about Earn To Die that kept me coming back for more.  Nearly two years later Not Doppler has announced the sequel, and I for one am pretty excited.

This time around the story mode promises to be five times the size of the original, which to me seemed a decent length as is.  Levels will employ multiple paths so if one way doesn’t work for you, try another and see what you get.  There are 10 new vehicles to unlock, upgrade and abuse, and fully destructible machines means if you’re not careful your prized wheels might just become part of the rubble you’re driving through.  If all that isn’t enough, however, once you’ve completed story mode there’s a brand new missions mode to challenge your skill.  No firm release date has been set yet, but if we’re lucky we’ll once more be plowing over the undead before Christmas rolls around.

My review of Earn To Die
Earn to Die Not Doppler, Earn to Die – $0.99

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