Splash Dash in Review – Infinite Isn’t Just For Running Any More


These days it’s not uncommon for several infinite runners to come out in a single week.  The problem is trying to figure out which ones are worth playing.  Lucky for you I’m a huge infinite runner fan, so I try to do a lot of the leg work for you.  Unfortunately even a lot of the better entries in the genre any more are starting to feel the same, but there are still some that are worth playing.  I happen to think one of those is Splash Dash.  The game feels kind of like a third person 3D Frogger, and it’s hard to go wrong with that.

In Splash Dash you have one primary goal: don’t become frog legs for the alligators.  Of course you’ll also want to travel as far as you can and collect as much loot as possible to both rank on leaderboards and be able to buy cool accessories and useful power ups.  In other words, Splash Dash has all the markings of a typical infinite runner.  The fact that you’re constantly jumping changes the dynamic a bit because it is possible to suddenly find yourself leaping to a spot where there is no place to land.  You are afforded a few mistakes, but if you’re not careful eventually the alligator that’s chasing you will catch up and make a nice meal out of you.  There are also alligators along the trail that will be more than happy to sample your slender green appendages if you don’t land in the right spot.

On the other hand ducks, dragonflies and grasshoppers can help you progress more quickly through the level.  There are also flowers that spring up occasionally and give you a super jump should you land on them.  And of course there is the generic magnet that lets you attract coins without actually touching them.  This is the one power up or boost that doesn’t really seem very creative or really even in context with the rest of the game.  But, it works so why complain?  If you really get into trouble and your meter is full you can swipe up to launch yourself forward a few meters, though this action bypasses any coins you might come across.  And, as luck would have it, coins are what fill the meter in the first place.


Your frog constantly moves forward on its own, and you can choose to either tilt the device or swipe your finger across the device to move left and right.  The tilt functionality actually works pretty well, but I just naturally prefer to use touch screen options for this type of game when possible.  To execute a super jump you swipe up which always executes flawlessly for me.  There are three leaderboards, one each for distance, most coins collected and total score.  There are also 38 achievements to earn, though you don’t actually seem to accrue any points for ones that you’ve completed.  If you’re a “collector” there is plenty of gear to work towards as well as several different frogs to buy, and of course being an infinite runner you can always try to better your best run.

The visuals are pretty high quality, and the swamp theme sets the game apart from most similar romps.  The character designs are decent and as you buy new apparel your amphibians are more than happy to model it for you.  The sound effects have a nice arcade-y ring to them and the game is kind enough to play a specific tone when your “super jump” meter is full.  The music is quick and lively, but it can get a bit repetitive if you pay too much attention to it.


I’ve begun to accept the fact that we’re currently at a point where new runners by and large won’t bring anything unique to the table.  As such I’m perfectly happy with offerings that do the job well and at least look like they are trying to be different, and Splash Dash certainly fits the bill in that regards.  Colorful characters, upbeat music and a swampy motif give the game a fun atmosphere.  Plenty of items to unlock and achievements to earn give you something to do besides just jump, and solid controls make the trip enjoyable.  Splash Dash doesn’t tread much new ground, but it’s towards ahead of the pack in making old ground feel fresh.


App Summary
Title: Splash Dash Developer: Capedy LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.3.2 Min OS Req: 5.1
Price: Free App Size: 50.6 MB
  • Cool swamp motif
  • Plenty of stuff to unlock
  • Lots of achievements to earn
  • Nice visuals
  • Doesn’t offer up much new
  • Music can get repetitive quickly


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