Santa Rama: Christmas Mania in Review – Monetize The Children?


Honey Tribe Studios has an interesting way of making social commentary, first on the plight of bees and then on the state of humanity as it revolves around money.  Their latest effort focuses specifically on the Christmas season, and while it may not be a message you want to hear it’s sadly true.  It’s also an entertaining game, at least in small bursts.  Can you help turn the tide of commercialism this holiday season?


The crux of this game is that kids have become so caught up in advertising and the “gotta have” mentality that permeates the last couple of months of the year that they don’t get what Christmas is really about.  Just like moths to the flame they are attracted to the glow at the bottom of the screen, which I assume is meant to be the radiant energy of a TV screen.  It’s your job to snap them out of it by tapping on them before they reach the point of no return (aka the bottom of the screen).  You do have a couple of power ups including a clock that temporarily slows the children’s movements, a book you can use to block individual children and turn them to reading, and an activity bar that stretches from one side of the screen to the other and turns the kids towards more profitable activities for a short period of time.

A single tap converts most kids, while the bigger one takes two taps to persuade.  Holding down on the screen will activate the reading power up if you have it, while swiping across the screen from left to right will fire up the activity bar.  The clock is simply activated as soon as you tap on it when it goes floating by.  You’ll also see interlocked hands floating by from time to time that can be collected and used to bolster the duration of a power up and the frequency with which power up refills show up.  There are 2 leaderboards, one for high score and the other for overall score, and a “whopping” 5 achievements to earn.  There are also plenty of ads to help support the game (after all, the game IS about advertising).


The graphics have a decent stylized look to them.  Much like in McBank the characters start out grey until you “rescue” them from their entrapment.  The sound effects are cool because each character plays a different tone when you free them.  There’s only one song that plays in the background, but I really enjoy it despite hearing it over and over again.

For the majority of you this will not be the type of game you’ll play for hours on end, but I don’t really think it was meant to be.  Play it when you’re next in line at a slow checkout lane or just want to do some mindless tapping for a few minutes.  It may get repetitive after a while, but the quirky theme, cool music and funny cartoons will keep you sufficiently entertained.


App Summary
Title: Santa Rama: Christmas Mania Developer: shazad yousaf
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 5.0
Price: Free App Size: 31.1 MB
  • Interesting Christmas message
  • Cool visuals and fun music
  • Funny cartoons when you lose
  • Gets repetitive quickly
  • Tapping fast kids isn’t always responsive
  • Lots of ads (yeah, I get the irony)


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