Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous In Review – Only The Name Is Silly

review-ttl2-1 A game has to be pretty special to make up words for its name and not have you go “now that’s silly”, and Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous is just such a game.  It takes everything the original did and does it even better: intense action, crazy weapons and sometimes maddening achievements.  There are plenty of “dodge the enemy” style games on the App Store, but the Tilt To Live series are among the only ones that handle the genre nearly flawlessly. review-ttl2-2 The goal of Tilt To Live 2 is simple – destroy as many dots as possible without coming into direct contact with them.  To do this you just tilt the device to move your little ship around the screen.  You can use a couple of pre-defined orientations or configure your own, and just like with the original the control works perfectly.  As for the dots, they will do everything in their power to run into you, thereby ending the game.  Joining the dots are skewers that you basically have to dodge but at least give you warning that they are coming and bosses that require you to strike targets floating around them instead of assaulting them directly. Thankfully you don’t have to rely completely on twitch based reactions as you’ll have a nice variety of weapons at your disposal.  Some are pretty basic like the ability to launch spikes in several directions or set of minor nukes to clean up a localized area.  Some are cute like the blob disguise that doesn’t actually hurt any dots but lets you pass through without being noticed.  Some are just plain cool like the “laser sword” (read: light saber) that temporarily lets you slice and dice the enemy. review-ttl2-3 There are currently two game play modes: Classic and Code Red.  Each has their own set of awards to earn, and for each three awards you move up a level in the given mode.  Not only is it a nice self esteem boost, but it also unlocks new weapons for you.  In addition to the achievements there are also 7 leaderboards to feed your competitive nature.  The random nature of the game along with 48 achievements to earn provide incredible replay value, and the simple yet addictive action will slyly coax you into continually coming back. The visuals are fantastic, combining basic designs for the dots and ship with cool special effects involving all the different weaponry.  The sound effects really make the world of Tilt To Live pop, and the music is wonderfully upbeat.  The tunes really get your adrenaline pumping, and I love how the music changes over to a mellow, elevator style music when you are wearing the disguise. review-ttl2-4 As I re-read my review of the original Tilt To Live way back from 2010 I see that I was quite enamored with it.  After spending some time with the sequel I absolutely remember why.  Back then this series really made me appreciate the “dodge ‘em all” style of game play, and now it’s still the leader of the pack.  My recommendation for the sequel is the same as for the first one: if you don’t already own it, go buy it.  You won’t regret it. kiss-icon

App Summary
Title: Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous Developer: One Man Left
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 6.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 91.1 MB
  • Awesome, intense action
  • Really cool weapons
  • Lots of challenging achievements
  • Slick visuals
  • Cool sound and music
  • Some achievements aren’t completely intuitive


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