Roamer lets you keep your phone number while travelling abroad (and avoid high roaming fees)


Have you ever wished that while travelling abroad, you could keep your own phone number AND not have to pay those exorbitantly high roaming rates? Well thanks a Latvian based company who also brought us VIR2SIM, their recently released Roamer app will let you do just that – keep your number while saving a bundle when overseas. Basically, you’ll need an unlocked iPhone/Android phone and a local SIM card from the city you’ll be travelling to. Then after activating the new SIM with the Roamer app, whenever calls are made to your home number, they’ll be re-routed to your new local number. According to Roamer, you can save up to 96% on those pesky roaming rates. For example, if you’re traveling to the UK, €10 credits is good for 250 minutes of incoming calls (€0.04/min). Outgoing calls are slightly more expensive (depending on destination), but the catch here – and this only applies to outgoing calls – is that they require an internet connection, be it via a data plan or WIFI.

According to Roamer’s FAQ, here’s how to use their service:

1) Install Roamer from AppStore or Google Play. The app is FREE! Don’t forget to add calling credits to your Roamer account before departure.

2) Launch Roamer and park your number before departure (Depart Now). It is done by forwarding incoming calls to our service number in your area, which is assigned exclusively to you. Call charges are debited from your Roamer account.

3) Activate local SIM card in Roamer. Buy a SIM card in destination country. Launch Roamer to activate your new SIM card. At the moment of activation you need an Internet connection: WiFi or GPRS or higher. Now, when somebody calls your usual home number, the calls will reach you while you are abroad. To make a call, just launch Roamer, choose the contact, press call and wait for a callback. Only when the call is initiated you need an Internet connection: WiFi or GPRS or higher. The other party will see your usual number as a Caller ID.

The key is to “park” your number before leaving your home country. If you do forget, you can still avoid roaming charges and take advantage of their low roaming rates, the only difference is that Roamer will assign you a new temporary number from your home city (basically you’ll have to give your friends/family/colleagues this new number so they can still call you without having to pay long distance).

As for credit packs, they can be purchased from within the app as an IAP if using an iPhone (paypal for Android users). Denominations are as follows: 9.99, 19.99, 29.99 and 49.99 EUR or US$ 12.99, 25.99, 38.99, 64.99. Check out the video below for more details or head directly to Roamer’s website for rates to all 216 supported countries.

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