10 New App Store Games To Watch [June 10 – 16]


This week’s selection of games was full of fun little surprises, including a movie tie-in that I actually really enjoy. First up, though, is a rogue-like game called Quadropus Rampage, which I almost picture what it would be like if they made an action version of Squids. The game has lots of redeeming qualities, but it’s almost worth it just for the goofy names of all the weapons. If you’re looking for something completely different you might want to try Rescue Me – The Adventures. As the name implies the game involves rescuing people, but the mechanics are clever and it can be quite humorous at times. Now about that movie tie-in: the game is Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Instead of trying to recreate the movie in a game this is simply an infinite runner that takes place in the Despicable Me universe, but there are enough movie references to satisfy fans and it’s just loads of fun.


Paint Run – This is a pretty clever little game. You play a ball like creature that wants to open an art gallery, but much of the color has been drained from the paintings. In order to have a successful launch you’ll need to restore the artwork by rolling through several levels collecting the right levels of red, blue and green paint to produce the missing pigments. If you collect too much of one color you can roll over a sponge to empty some from the tube, but keep in mind that will reduce the other two colors as well. Obstacles like holes, fans and magnets make your task even more difficult. When you want to “relax” a little more you can play Paint The World, where your only concern is filling a certain number of tubes on each run. If you acquire the requested number of tubes you’ll slightly raise the curtain on a mysterious piece of artwork. For free you get six paintings (2 from each gallery) and 3 continues on the Paint The World game. IAP lets you buy 22 additional paintings in each of the galleries for a total of 360 different levels. You can also buy extra continues for the Paint The World mode if you’d like. One other thing to note is that if you’re an artist there’s a web site you can go to if you’d like to talk to the developer about including one of your pieces in the game.

Paint Run Five minutes Ltd., Paint Run – Free


Despicable Me: Minion Rush – If you didn’t guess by the title, this is another infinite runner style game. It is certainly one of the most colorful of this style of game that I’ve played, which I suppose goes with the source material. The graphics are phenomenal, and the sound effects really bring the game to life. In addition to the normal Temple Run style running sequences there are times where it switches to more of a traditional 2D perspective. You’ll also get the chance to surf streams of bananas with a rainbow unicorn, slide down immense green slopes and fight off villains in mini arcade style games. You may even get the chance to visit the surface if you take the right paths. The board layouts are crazy, the characters are great and you get despicable bonuses for slapping your buddies around. Complete missions to increase your multiplier and collect bananas to upgrade power ups and unlock cool new costumes. This is another case of not necessarily being revolutionary, but possibly being evolutionary. Either way you’ll enjoy it if you’re into this style of game.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Gameloft, Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Free


Rift Warrior – Sadly, I didn’t actually pay much attention to this one when I first added it to my list, but just glancing at the screen shots I took it to be some sort of action / RPG. Turns out it’s a tower defense game where your main hero is what you’re defending! Some levels will have secondary objectives as well, but the top priority is to keep your hero alive. What’s interesting is that you can only place towers around where your hero is at, so you’ll need to move him up and down the path to set your weapons. Of course there’s nothing that says you can’t then back off and let the towers do the fighting for you, though as long as you watch your health gauge there’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty. As you earn experience your level will go up and you’ll be awarded with skill points. These points can be used to enhance a variety of things that affect both you and your towers. I know there have been other tower defense games where you’ve been able to actively participate, but this one just feels different. It’s also becomes quite challenging early on, which should appease those that feel the genre has become too easy.

Rift Warrior Like Zhang, Rift Warrior – Free


Rescue Me – The Adventures – This is a game about saving people. The trick is that you have to be diligent about it, because there is often some impending danger that will “take care of” them if you don’t get to them first. Oh, and did I mention that they’ll basically be virtually grabbing onto your finger? You drag them along the screen to get them from point A to point B, but you have to be careful because there are a lot of obstacles that can knock them off your finger. Of course you can rescue them from a fall for some coins, but that means you have to keep earning the coins in the first place. Coins will pop up periodically and you can either run over them with the people you’re carrying or tap them with a free finger to get them. Besides the various obstacles to impede your progress, the characters can fall off your finger if you move too fast as well. It proves to be quite a juggling act on some levels, especially if you want to earn a decent amount of money. Connect with Facebook to challenge your friends and see who can rescue the most people in the least amount of time. Rescue Me is a clever concept and actually quite fun.

Rescue Me - The Adventures Pocket Scientists, Rescue Me – The Adventures – Free


Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump – Icy Tower was probably one of the first infinite whatever games that I played and really got into, back when I actually used to play games on my PC. Icy Tower and its sequel are now both available on the iOS platform, but thankfully the developers have decided to expand the franchise with Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump. This Temple Run themed derivative features the same crazy jump as high as you can action as its predecessors. You’ll also need to complete “stunts” (or achievements if that makes you feel better) in order to raise your level and earn bonus coins. Coins you collect from jumping or leveling up can be used to unlock and upgrade power ups, and also unlock upgrades to the tower itself. If you’re feeling festive you can even buy shirts and hats with the money you earn. In addition to the normal pratfall of missing a platform and falling to your doom, in Temple Jump if you take too long to progress through the levels the tower will start collapsing on you. Nothing like trying to jump up as the platforms are falling down around you! This game is definitely a worthy successor to the franchise and makes me anxious to see what they have in store for part 3 (everything is a trilogy these days, right?)

Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump Free Lunch Design AB, Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump – Free


Farm Racing – This game feels like an old school infinite runner where the main control you have over your character is either swiping up or tapping the screen to jump. However, instead of infinite levels you have a series of races to run against actual opponents. And, instead of just being able to jump you can pick up various small animals and chuck them at your opponents to knock them off their rides. Like most of these games there are achievements to complete, in this case called missions, which will earn you stars which will unlock new rides and courses. You can also enhance power ups, purchase new clothes and outright buy the animals with coins, which I believe come from all the tomatoes that you collect. Switch animals before any race and go back to easier courses if you need to in order to complete certain missions. When you feel you’re ready you can take on up to 3 other players via Game Center. This is a cute game that’s fun to play for adults and will appeal to kids as well if you want some bonding time or just want to keep the tots busy for a while.

Farm Racing REDIGION, Farm Racing – Free


Shell Shock 1864 – The history behind this game is presented in a PDF that isn’t English, but I’m guessing this takes place during the German-Danish war of 1864 (sorry to all the history buffs I just offended). The story involves two soldiers, one of which is quickly losing his mind. You control the other one and drive the direction of the story. The game is like a choose your own adventure that uses animated cut scenes instead of reading and has mini games instead of dice rolling to handle the action sequences. From a uniqueness standpoint it’s definitely worth taking a look at, though I’ll warn you now that there is maybe 5 minutes worth of game play, depending on how poorly you do with the “run from the bad guys” sequence. The running sequence was a bit odd because it used an isometric style perspective and often seemed to have trouble telling the difference between moving left / up and trying to swipe to jump. It’s also kind of a shame that there were only two decision points done in the CYOA format. However, I like the overall style of this project and hope we see more like it in the future.

Shell Shock 1864 GearWorks, Shell Shock 1864 – Free


Defcon 1: Alien Invasion – If you read too much into the iTunes description you might think that the developers believe their game is the best thing to happen to the App Store since, well, the App Store. While the game might not be “all that”, I’m impressed from the onset because it lets you launch a full scale alien invasion on the Earth. Most games that involve controlling alien species either take the battle to another planet like Starcraft or have you destroying the Earth solo like some green skinned Rambo. Depending on how long it takes to topple a given location this could be a massive game, given that there are more than 60 countries to conquer. You’ll have more than 150 alien powers at your disposal, as well as 11 unique attack types to choose from. In addition to the world itself the game offers leaderboards to dominate as well as achievements to earn. There are also “permanent world events”, though what exactly that means isn’t made clear. If you’ve ever wanted to be on the V side of an alien invasion, now is your chance. I wonder what they could do with a multi-player mode in this game?

Defcon 1: Alien Invasion Digital Kickers, Defcon 1: Alien Invasion – $0.99


Quadropus Rampage – This game takes rogue-likes under the sea and I am impressed. You take on the role of a 4 legged cephalopod that has an axe (or whatever you can dig up) to grind with Pete, evil god of the sea. You’ll take on countless underwater denizens in randomly generated levels until you get to the point where you take on Pete itself, and then I imagine you can do it again and try tackling different skills. The characters are hilarious, but the weapons are even better. Even if you like what you have you need to walk by any weapons you see lying on the ground just to read their names. What I really like about this game is the interface. All of your attack related buttons or on the lower right side of the screen, and when you can do something like swap out a weapon or buy an item a special button pops up on the left side. The best part, though, is that when you walk over a weapon not only does it display the name, but it shows you what attributes will be affected by brandishing that weapon versus the one you already have so you don’t have to pick it up first to find out. There is certainly a decent selection of rogue-likes already available for iOS devices, but I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that this is worth put right alongside the rest of them.

Quadropus Rampage Butterscotch Shenanigans, Quadropus Rampage – Free


Fizzy Factory – In this game you work in a soda factory, and it’s your job to get all the streams of soda flowing from geysers to bottles. Thankfully this isn’t one of those games where you simply have to connect a bunch of lines from point A to point B without crossing any other lines, however. In fact, you’ll often have more Geysers than bottles, at least to start out with. The trick is that each geyser and bottle is a particular color, and you’ll need to get the flow going so the color that eventually reaches a bottle of the same color. As luck would have it you can accomplish this by mixing streams of soda to get the desired color that you need. If that won’t work with what you’re given, there are also machines on the floor sometimes that will convert color streams for you. As you get further along you’ll even have levels where there are less geysers than streams, but you can easily deal with that by using the newfangled splitters to produce multiple streams from one source. This is a nice puzzle game because it’s challenging but at the same time you don’t have a timer, so you can really think about what you’re doing. You start with one level pack and so far I’ve only opened up one more, but I can’t wait to see what other tricks this factory has up its sleeve.

Fizzy Factory HangZone, Fizzy Factory – Free

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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