New MirrorCase for iPad Launches on Kickstarter, Provides More Usability

MirrorCase - iPad top

Last week MirrorCase announced its iPad case on Kickstarter with a splash, raising about 75 percent of their goal in the project’s first week. Already available for iPhone 4, the MirrorCase case design uses a high-quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, allowing users to capture images and video from a more natural angle.

Features for the new MirrorCase for iPad include an adjustable mirror protected by Gorilla® Glass with an anti-reflective coating, Smart lid, kickstand, acoustic port and stylus storage. Use MirrorCase for iPad in conjunction with the free MirrorCase app, which flips and inverts the image so it appears correctly on your screen. The corrected media is then saved directly to the iPad Camera Roll.

MirrorCase - iPad raised

“We originally created the MirrorCase to help eliminate what we coined as ‘Phone Face,’ says John Palmeri, President and CEO of MirrorCase creator RHPMM. “Having your iPhone cover your face when taking videos and pictures ruins the moment. It’s even more awkward to take photos and video with an iPad, so we knew having a MirrorCase for the larger device would be a must.”

With its new features, the iPad MirrorCase is perfect for recording meetings, lectures or interviews, as well as protecting your device and using your iPad at a more comfortable angle for reading and typing.

MirrorCase - iPad resized

The MirrorCase for iPad on Kickstarter will help fund a second version of the app, which will include the ability to simultaneously record video and take notes, share notes with other users, convert files, Dropbox and email integration, etc.

MirrorCase for iPad is available now for pre-order, shipping in early 2013, with an MSRP of $79.95. To learn more about this nifty iPad case, pre-orders, or other MirrorCase products, visit

The full press release can be found here.

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