6 Must Have Photography Apps for the iPhone

By Summer Delaney, Grovo Guest Blogger

It’s no secret that photo apps and platforms are the next big social media movement.  With Facebook’s acquiring of Instagram last month for $1 billion, more and more photo services are continuing to be developed to meet the demanding needs of new consumers ranging from all ages, demographics and occupations.  Here are six applications that can be useful to anyone regardless of profession or hobbies that can either be used with existing apps like Instagram or independently.



One of the best features of PowerCam™ ($0.99) is that it allows users to add real-time effects to their photos and videos. This means that while you are taking pictures, you can switch between more than 60 different effects, including Tilt-Shift which makes your subject look miniature and the more traditional “vintage” look, besides using all of the standard post-photo editing tools. It is also the only app that lets users add visual effects to video as you film. For post-photo editing, PowerCam™ provides users with many other features, including the ability to highlight one color in an otherwise black and white photo (a previously popular feature in Canon cameras) or to choose from backgrounds and layouts to drop  existing photos into. Once users are done editing, they can upload videos of any size to any social sharing site, not just 15-second clips.

Best for instantly editing and sharing photos and videos

PowerCam™ Wondershare Software, PowerCam™ – $0.99


PicsArt Photo Studio 

PicsArt is among the best photo editing apps for iPhone as well as Android devices: the effects available on Instagram pale in comparison.  Similar to Instagram, PicsArt is it’s own social media community where users can comment and ‘like’ their friends photos while also discovering pictures uploaded by the app’s featured artists or other categories through tags.  The application’s site and YouTube page has tutorials that teach people new skills such as blending or removing red eye.  Additionally, while with Instagram users must use external apps like Pic Stitch to create collages, PicsArt has available templates within the app.  The company will also never sell your images. Ever.

Best for adding effects to your pictures

PicsArt Photo Studio PicsArt, PicsArt Photo Studio – Free



SeeMail’s basic premise is that while a picture says a thousand words, sound can “bring your photos to life.”  That’s why the app’s main feature is adding audio recordings to the photo experience.  Users can either take a photo or select one from their camera roll, Facebook, etc. and then record an AudioT.agâ„¢ that can either be a narration or sound, like a wedding “I Do” or baby’s first words.  Users can also add captions to their photos, as well as share their location through the app’s partnership with FourSquare.  The finished product can either be sent privately to your SeeMail friends, or can be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  SeeMail is perfect for moments that cannot be summed up in just one snapshot but rather need more multimedia elements to capture the memory.

Best for sharing audio and video together

SeeMail SEEMAIL, LLC, SeeMail – Free


1 Second Everyday

This app is the perfect way to remember everything from a semester abroad to your average, mundane day.  1 Second Everyday makes a scrapbook of life by allowing users to film countless video clips and then compile it into a calendar every day of the year.  The app sends reminders to your phone on the time of day you want to record.  From then, users can record for as long as they want and then edit down the video to one second “snippits” to save on their app’s calendar.  After a selected period of time, you can create an album and watch all of your one second clips come together to tell a story of your life in an unique, compelling and memorable way.

Best for recording your life story

1 Second Everyday Cesar Kuriyama, 1 Second Everyday – $0.99


PIP Camera

PIP Camera truly makes your photos look like a work of art.  While the application does offer a variety of effects, it’s main feature is creating a photo-in-photo look that allows pictures to seem both professional and very realistic despite being snapped on an iPhone camera as can be seen through screenshots on the app’s iTunes page.  You can also add fun borders and extra features in the photograph to enhance the visual aesthetic appeal as well.

Best for artistic photography 

PIP Camera Fotoable, Inc., PIP Camera – Free



Gone are the days where professionals need to carry business card holders.  CamCard is a must-have application for anyone in the corporate world, as it stores all business card and contact information into one app.  To start, users must take a photo of a business card that the app reads and process within seconds.  From there, the software auto-detects text orientation and stores basic information like the signature, addresses and phone numbers; users can also scan multiple business cards at once which will all be arranged separately.  After the original scan, users can also go back and edit information as well as group cards together by organization or category and export and sync them to existing contact books or other sources.  Additionally, users have the luxury to place calls, send SMS texts or emails directly from the app without having to worry about information getting lost.

Best for digitizing your business card collection

CamCard - Business card scanner & Business card reader & scan card IntSig Information, CamCard – $2.99
CamCard HD - The Professional Business Card Reader IntSig Information, CamCard HD – $7.99

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Summer Delaney is a blogger at Grovo.com, an online training platform for everything from Google Analytics training to Facebook Timeline help. She has interned for ABC News and the Atlantic Media Company and has had her work published online for ABC News and USA Today.  She is studying journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.  (@Summer_Delaney)

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