Write for Dropbox, a great writing app for the iPhone, is now free for a limited time


Write for Dropbox, an intuitive writing app with a slick interface, is now free for the iPhone after the release of its iPad version. Using Dropbox to sync all your work, the app opens to a blank note so you can quickly jot down your ideas or notes quickly. You’ll also find an extra row of convenient keys above the keyboard that provides shortcuts to popular Markdown syntax. And aside from the host of sharing options available, one of my favorite little features is the cursor trackpad that lets you easily move the cursor around the screen and select desired text.


Device Sharing: Use either your iPhone or iPad as a keyboard

Coinciding with the release of the iPad Write app ($1.99), Write for iPhone was updated with a unique new feature called Device Sharing, which has two functions: Remote Keyboard and Remote Clipboard. The former is fairly self explanatory in that you can now use either your iPhone or iPad as an external keyboard to type while the other device handles the main writingworkflow.

With Remote Keyboard, you’re able to clip text from Safari (or any other source) from, say your iPhone, and this will automatically be available for pasting on your iPad. I’ve tried this function out several times and it works really well, not to mention it saves time as I don’t have to constantly close up Write on one device while I look up something on the web. Do note that for Device Sharing to work, you’ll need to be connected to the same Wifi network.

Essentially now that the iPhone version is free for the next few days, you can grab both versions for the price of one (both $1.99). Write for Dropbox is one of the best writing apps for iOS and this is one awesome freebie you don’t want to miss. If you do any form of notetaking or even more serious writing on the go, I highly recommend that you download Write for the iPhone today.

Write for Dropbox - A Beautiful Note Taking App (iPhone Edition) Tanmay Sonawane, Write for Dropbox (iPhone Edition) – Free

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