Taskbox email client for iPhone now Free


Taskbox, the iPhone mail client that aims to help you get to zero inbox while turning emails into tasks, has dropped to Free on the App Store for the very first time. First launched last October, this well received and ever improving mail app has a gesture system much like Mailbox, in that you can simply swipe left or right to perform actions: add task, complete, archive and delete. And similar to Mail Pilot, Taskbox lets you easily create todo lists out of your never ending inbox.


Dashboard shows inbox, tasks and assigned at a glance. Details screen lets you set priority, due date and assign task to a contact

What makes Taskbox versatile is how it gives its users plenty of options to follow up with their emails. Swiping right on an email on the main screen adds it as a Task, which can then be given a priority, due date and a contact can even be assigned to it so you can keep track of who’s doing what. A handy Dashboard screen lets you see the aforementioned info at a glance. Emails can also be sorted by Priority, Due date and Received date, and they can be updated by dragging and dropping the items how you see fit. And one of my favorite features in Taskbox is the quick response button. Whether you’re replying to a contact or creating a new email, the (customizable) quick response templates has preset text that you can re-use over and over again depending on the situation.

It should be noted that Taskbox currently supports Gmail, GoogleApps, Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL accounts only. As for Push notifications, they are only available for Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

Taskbox is certainly worth checking out, especially now that it’s free (likely for a very limited time), and not to mention if you’d like a better way to manage a hectic inbox (or inboxes) on your iPhone.

Taskbox - Mail Taskbox, Taskbox – Mail – Free

App Description

 Download now and see how Taskbox’s clean, intuitive design will help you clear your inbox AND prioritize your follow up list in under 60 seconds! See pictures of all of your contacts right in the preview window. Swipe messages to your follow up list or the trash. Add due dates and priorities to messages to ensure you never lose track of an important message. Use the Dashboard to see what’s important to you and your team at a glance.

• See pictures of all your contacts right in the list view
• Supports multiple accounts and a unified inbox
• Threaded conversation support
• Swipe to archive / trash / spam
• Use “Quick Response” templates to send common responses while on the go
• Configurable badge numbers

• Prioritize your tasks right where they are – your inbox!
• Add sortable priorities to your important messages
• Add due dates to message to track follow up over time
• Swipe tasks to your follow up list quickly and easily
• Delegate tasks to others and track progress over time
• Combined folders let you view tasks across accounts
• Drag and drop items to update priorities and due dates
• Dashboard shows you all of your important and time sensitive items at a glance
• Great for the GTD (Getting Things Done) crowd!

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