Quick Pick: Thesaurus Rex by Dictionary.com

Thesaurus Rex iphone app

Whether you’re a student, writer or just someone who likes using big words, the Thesaurus is undoubtedly one of the best tools to have around. The largest resource on the web is Thesaurus.com (owned by Dictionary.com), and they’ve recently released Thesaurus Rex, a universal iOS app that has 550,000 synonyms & antonyms and features several handy functions, like sorting by relevance or A-Z, filtering results in real time by complexity, and more.

Thesaurus Rex ipad app

Thesaurus Rex on the iPad

What’s to like:

  • Nicely designed UI
  • Sort by Relevance (shown in out of 4 rating) or A-Z
  • Offline access for most features
  • Ability to filter results by complexity and length
  • Rhyme and Syllables option (in-app purchase) further filter synonyms by rhyme and sort by syllable count – great for poets and lyricists
  • Examples and Tip option (IAP) provides more context to results and example sentences and tips.
  • View word origin and history
  • Save synonyms to favorites
  • Audio pronunciation
  • Spotlight searching reveals results as you type
  • $2.99 much cheaper than competing “premium” (and ad-free) Thesaurus apps that can cost well over $10

What’s not to like:

  • Favorites doesn’t sync between devices
  • Search results sometimes not as extensive as Thesaurus.com
  • App doesn’t save recently or most searched words
  • Audio pronunciation and word origin/history requires internet access
  • Would be nice if Rhyme and Syllables and Examples and Tip add ons were included without IAP

For most folks who use the thesaurus once in a while, looking it up on the web should suffice and there are even plenty of free (ad supported) options available on the App Store. But if you’re serious about your words and require offline access, Thesaurus Rex is one of the most comprehensive thesaurus apps around. Thanks to its very reasonable price tag (currently $2.99), features like complexity/length filter (along with the IAPs) and an easy to use interface, T.R is a solid choice on the iDevice.

Thesaurus Rex by Dictionary.com Dictionary.com,, Thesaurus Rex by Dictionary.com

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