Google Search app for iOS gets Google Now feature


Google Now has been available to Android phones for several months now, and it has finally arrived for the iPhone and iPad. Described as “the right information at just the right time”, Google Now is the latest feature found within the Google Search app. Once you sign into your Gmail account, “Cards” will appear at the bottom that provide helpful info like local weather, currency conversion when travel abroad, traffic conditions to your next likely destination, sports scores, flight status and much more.

Simply swipe said cards left or right if you don’t need them. According to Google, the more you use it and over time, prediction will improve and more cards will appear. To help pull in relevant info, Google Now relies on Location Services, but because the app doesn’t use the device’s GPS – rather it receives “passive” updates from nearby cell towers and WIFI hot spots – the feature shouldn’t be a battery hog.

With the implementation of Google Now, the Google Search app has become even more of a single hub for all things Google, be it accessing Google Apps like Calendar, Google+, Drive, or the very impressive Google Voice – a more than capable competitor to Siri.

Google Search is free to download for iPhone and iPad and you can read more about Google Now here. 

What’s New in 3.0

Answers before you ask with Google Now:
• start your day with weather & traffic conditions
• get updates on your favorite teams & news

Learn more about location
To provide up-to-the-minute information, Google Now turns on Location Services. Even though the icon stays on, the app has minimal battery impact:

• The app doesn’t turn on the GPS. Instead, it receives passive updates from nearby cell towers and WIFI hot spots.
• If your battery is running low, the app pauses location updates.
• The app stays asleep unless your device moves a long distance.

If you see an impact on your battery life, please tell us about it by tapping feedback in the app settings. You can also turn this feature on and off as you like in the privacy section of the app settings. Learn more at

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