8 Ball Pool for iOS updated with offline game modes

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8 Ball Pool, arguably the best Pool game on iOS and the rare online-only title that’s monopolized much of my free time over the past 2 months, has been updated and in the process, given what most of its players have been yearning for since its release – an offline mode. Previously only available for play when online, Miniclip has added the option to “Practice Offline”, thus allowing ball-stroking addicts to get their fill while Wifi or 3/4G data isn’t readily available.

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The all new Quick Fire (offline) game mode

Playing offline has two options: Pass ‘n’ Play and Quick Fire, both of which cost 25 coins of in-game currency (you can earn them by either playing against other real opponents or via IAP…the game also gives you free money every hour). Pass n Play is where you can go head-to-head and solids vs strips against a friend on the same device. In Quick Fire, you attempt to rack up a high score by potting as many balls as you can before time runs out. Potting a ball adds 10 seconds to the clock and for every 5 potted in succession, a 0.5 multiplier is earned. Conversely, a time (and multiplier) penalty is given whenever the white ball is potten.

With some of the server and connection issues ironed out, and plus the addition of the offline game modes, 8 Ball Pool is one Pool game no fan should be without on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It does cost $0.99 on the App Store, though you can always check out the game for free first online at Miniclip.com.

I’m always up for a challenge (and upping my winning percentage/games won), so if you’re a fellow 8 Ball Pool player, feel free to look me up under “touchmyapps”.

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