CARROT updated to V3.0, now free for a day


CARROT, the quirky todo list “with a personality”, has received its next major update (V3.0) and adds three most-requested features from its users: the ability to set reminders/due dates, repeating tasks and Siri Integration (have Siri add tasks into CARROT for you). But since this is not your ordinary todo app, these first have to be unlocked by actually completing tasks on your list (mark tasks as completed, score points and level up). Think of it as an incentive to get productive. Just don’t expect it be as complex as Things (TMA Review) or OmniFocus; it was designed to be fast, simple and most of all, fun to use. CARROT is now free for a day as well, so grab it for your iPhone, unlock all the goodies and get busy.

What’s New in Version 3.0

Greetings, lazy humans. Because I am a benevolent overlord, I come bearing an update with your most-requested features.

– Reminders/due dates (Unlocks at Level 18). Having trouble remembering what you’re supposed to be doing? Don’t worry, it happens to all meatbags! Just double tap on a task to set a reminder.

– Hard difficulty mode (Level 22). Looking for a challenge? Type “CARROT hard mode” in my command line and I’ll get fed up with you much more quickly.

– Siri sync (Level 24**). Get Siri to do your dirty work for you! Tell her, “Remind me to walk the dog on Friday at 9pm” and I’ll import the task the next time you launch me. You must have a list named either “Reminders” or “CARROT” in Apple’s Reminders app for this feature to work. For more details, tap Support > Help in my menu. (**Note: If you’re already above level 24, you have to level up one or two times before I’ll explain and unlock the feature for you.)

– Recurring tasks (Level 28). Sick of entering tasks like “blink” over and over again? You’re in luck! Now, when setting a reminder, you can make common tasks repeat.

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