10 New App Store Games To Watch [March 11 – 17]


This was another week of well rounded releases in the iOS gaming world.  Folks that like a little more spice to their fishing simulations should give Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption a try.  Sure you cast your line and haul up the fish like any other simulation, but once you them above the surface the big guns come out… quite literally.  If you’re more of a golfing nut there’s Super Stickman Golf 2.  180 holes, 60 achievements and 28 hats will keep you quite busy, and then there are the two multiplayer modes.  If you’d rather just take out your frustrations on loads of unnamed villains, Brotherhood of Violence might be right up your alley.  It looks like it could have the makings of a modern day Streets Of Rage, which would suit me just fine.


Rolling Hero – The story is pretty typical: insert generic bad guy here kidnaps nameless hero’s girlfriend, and as nameless hero you must rescue aforementioned girlfriend from the clutches of dastardly villain.  This is also one of those games where you manipulate the surroundings by rotating them left or right instead of directly controlling the main character.  Now while I have to admit that I’m kind of sick of the generic rotund hero at this point, the whole idea actually works rather well in this game.  One thing I really like about Rolling Hero is that you can “fall out” of the various mazes.  In fact, sometimes you have to because various items you need to collect are actually along the outside borders of the levels.  Of course you can still fall completely away which means you need to start over, so you have to be careful and hone your tilting prowess.  Also, in addition to the standard items to collect, which in this case are flowers for your bonuses and keys to unlock the gate to each level, you can also collect the letters that spell “Rolling Hero” to receive some sort of special bonus.  Chalk up another casual platform puzzle game winner for Chillingo.

Rolling Hero Chillingo, Rolling Hero – $0.99


Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption – This game seems like it’s about as far from Super Crate Box as one can get.  You are a nice, peaceful fisherman, enjoying his time on the lake simply trying to catch a filet or two.  You cast your line in as deep as you can go without snagging anything, than start a chain to pull up as many fish as you can.  Then the weapons come out and you remember who the brain child behind this game is, and a small sigh of pleasure emits from your lips.  Anyone can make a fishing game, but it takes a special sort of demented soul to have you unleash anything from a hair dryer to a bowling ball on the poor, defenseless aquatic creatures.  You’ll explore several locations, unlocking all kinds of gadgets and discovering new fish that you can turn into hats.  Yes, you get to wear fish hats in this game.  And when you think you’ve discovered everything there is to discover you can take on the infinite arcade mode.  I remember how addicted I was to Super Crate Box when it first came out, so I’m expecting great things from this title.

Ridiculous Fishing - A Tale of Redemption Vlambeer, Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption – $2.99


Heroes of Destiny – If you’ve played many fantasy games you know the drill by now.  Create a party of up to 4 characters and defeat the mysterious evil that’s making all the passive creatures go bad.  I’m pretty sure the combat system has been lifted from other games, but it works so well.  Select a party member and then just drag where you want them to attack, or to which party member you want them to heal.  As you complete missions you’ll earn experience that allows you to level up and add skills to your character.  You’ll also find and be able to purchase equipment that you can upgrade with materials you pilfer along the way.  You can only have up to four party members at a time, but if the desire strikes you feel free to dismiss one and hire someone else in their place.  Missions can be replayed at new difficulty levels to earn more loot and better equipment.  The visuals are pretty slick and the music is actually quite epic.  Overall this is one of the more impressive titles Glu has released in recent months.

Heroes of Destiny Glu Games Inc., Heroes of Destiny – Free


Danger Boat – This one is endless, but at least it’s not a runner.  It’s actually a driver and a boat on top of that, which isn’t nearly as common.  It’s your typical scenario where you collect coins to upgrade power ups, buy one time boosts, and get new boats.  You can also work towards a new boathouse, though I’m not sure what that does other than look different.  One thing I appreciate about this game is that it doesn’t just hand you stuff.  To get a power up you have to drive past 10 buoys, and it has to be on a particular side of each one.  If you miss just one in the sequence you have to start over.  Also, you have to complete quite a number of objectives – albeit often easy ones – in order to progress to the next score multiplier.  There’s also a nifty wave pretty much continually going across the screen which can either be fun to ride or end up being a pain.  The visuals are decent enough and there are some nifty weather effects, though I’m still trying to figure out how you get a wave when the water freezes over.  This might not be evolutionary in any way, but it’s another solid, addictive runner that wants to make you work for everything you earn.

Danger Boat Pixelocity Software, Danger Boat – Free


Brotherhood of Violence – Could this be the iOS platform’s Streets Of Rage?  It certainly sounds promising, with 12 different characters to choose from.  Better yet, if you don’t like what you see use the character editor to create your own protagonist.  Then get ready to explore more the 30 environments as you search for your captured brother.  Take on more than 400 opponents that are constantly learning and adapting to your playing style.  Daily challenges will keep you on your toes, and Game Center provides all your leaderboard and achievement needs.  You can even brag to your friends on Facebook using iOS 6’s integrated features.  Buy once, play anywhere thanks to iCloud saving, and you’ll want to keep playing as there are 3 different difficulty levels to conquer.  A high end 3D engine should offer sharp visuals, and if you have an iCade device you can hook it up for that authentic arcade experience.  Back when I was big into console gaming Streets Of Rage was one of my favorite brawlers, and Brotherhood of Violence sounds like it might fill that void nicely for modern mobile gaming.

Brotherhood of Violence Realtech VR, Brotherhood of Violence – $1.99


Unstoppabot – I’m kind of breaking the rules here, but everyone has to once in a while, right?  This game actually came out a couple of weeks ago, but by the time I went to put my article together it was gone from the App Store.  Now it’s back, and I really think it’s worth taking a look at.  You must help a fragile robot that’s not very bright survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  He’s more than willing to move, but the problem is he just keeps going forward, regardless of whether that means falling into a pit, letting some unfriendly creature eat him or simply pounding his head into a wall until he falls apart.  In order to help you must place robots in his path that will launch, push and otherwise advance him past the various obstacles that lie in his way.  The caveat, of course, is that the robot never stops moving, so you have to plan ahead.  This can get tricky because when your score multiplier starts increasing the robot gets excited and moves faster.  There are 14 chapters with more than 70 puzzles to beat, and an “Infinite Mode” to enjoy when you’re done with all that.  Best of all, the game is free.

Unstoppabot SeeThrough Studios, Unstoppabot – Free


Angry Busters – I really like the idea of the castle defense / match 3 mash-up.  In some ways the all feel the same, much like infinite runners, yet I find myself reasonably addicted to most new ones that I try.  Angry Busters in particular has caught my attention more than most of its ilk lately.  While it sometimes makes it difficult for me to figure out where a match is, I like the fact that you can actually match in six directions instead of the typical 4.  Each area has four levels to master including one where you more or less prevent the bad guys from getting out of the starting gate (I haven’t beaten any area at that level yet).  You actually have to earn your spells instead of just buying them, and while the initial set were pretty easy to acquire I imagine there will be more challenge later on.  Once you’ve “learned’ your spells you still have to unlock and upgrade them which require stars – items that you’ll have to work at to gather up.  Skills take money to upgrade, and that’s a bit easier to come by.  Of course if you’re really patient you can play levels over again to earn more money and experience, but you don’t get as much subsequent times through.  The game is fun, and it’s amusing learning why each of the creatures is angry.  It seems like a little love could solve a whole lot of problems in this kingdom.

Angry Busters GRM GAMES, Inc., Angry Busters – Free


Signal To The Stars – Maybe it’s just because my brain is getting slower as I get older, but I’m really starting to appreciate puzzle games without timers a whole lot more.  Of course it doesn’t hurt any that we get to find out the true origin of crop circles in this one.  Okay, I might have made that bit up, but this game is about an alien that has gotten lost from his fleet and decides to create patterns in the ground for his brethren to see from space.  The trick to this is that you have to create the pattern as one continuous line.  That doesn’t seem like it would be too much trouble, except that you can’t go through trees, and some fences only allow you to go one way.  Oh, and then there are the farmers that block your path until you beam them up, and the silly humans that want to be abducted but have to go in a certain order.  I haven’t even covered the disintegrator ray or stubborn cows (not to be used together).  The game offers 120 levels over several different areas, and the only thing I’ve found so far that I don’t care for is the fact that you have to finish all the levels in one area before moving to the next.

Signal to the Stars Made with Marmalade, Signal to the Stars – Free


Super Stickman Golf 2 – Normally I try to avoid games with “stick” in the title because it seems to be used as an excuse to have poor graphics.  Now that’s not necessarily bad in and of itself but more often than not the game play tends to match the graphics.  Now I’ll admit that I have not had the pleasure of trying Super Stickman Golf 2 yet, but from everything I’ve read it sounds like it bucks the trend both graphically and in terms of game play.  The game features 20 crazy courses, which by my math means there are 9 holes per course (the total of 180 holes gave that one away).  You can play on your own and work towards the 60 Game Center achievements you can earn, or you can hook up with some friends for two different multiplayer modes.  Battle it out one on one with a turn based mode that lets you play at your leisure.  If you prefer the hectic life you can play with other players at the same time to see who can reach each hole first.  Over the internet you can play with 3 other players, or locally challenge up to 7 friends.  Collect 28 different hats, try out some slick new power ups, and save everything through iCloud so you can play on whichever device you have handy.

Super Stickman Golf 2 Noodlecake Studios Inc, Super Stickman Golf 2 – $0.99


Totems – I love strategy games, but these days I like the satisfaction of beating an opponent without having to spend hours on a single match.  Totems fits the bill nicely in that regards.  The game is a simple “conquer the world” style game where your markers are various animals.  You place totems on a piece of land to take it over, and if adjacent lands owned by your opponent have the same totem on them you’ll take over those as well.  There are currently four maps that vary in both the number of allowable players and the types of totems available.  As you win and lose games you’ll tweak your ELO rating so other players can get a general idea of how good you are.  Play against the computer, or take on your friends via WiFi and Bluetooth.  You can also play random internet players.  The mechanics are pretty simple and straightforward, but in the end you can still feel accomplished when the last totem is placed and you have the highest score on the board.

Totems Timecode, Totems – $0.99

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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