10 New App Store Games To Watch [March 4 – 10]


Last week was a great week for iOS gamers. In addition to Mini Ninjas, endless runner fans could enjoy Sonic’s spin on the genre with Sonic Dash. It seems natural to bring Sonic’s “speed” to this genre, and you’ll also get the chance to play as Tails, Knuckles or Amy. There were a lot of interesting puzzle games this week as well, including the quirky sounding Monster Meltdown. This game has you playing a janitor that must round up escaped monsters by teleporting to switch places with them. If you’re looking for a bit of action you should check out Zombie Master World War. This pseudo-sequel to Zombie Master takes the action multi-player and global as you not only have to clean up a zombie apocalypse but you’ll have to take on other players as well.


Sneezies Match – Since Sneezies was one of the first iPhone games I reviewed, it only seems fair that the sequel take top spot on my top 10 list the week it’s released. The game comes to us 4 ½ years later give or take a couple months, and is in a completely different genre. The important thing, though, is that it has the same simple, addictive quality that forced me to delete its predecessor from my device so I could get some work done. What I like most about Sneezies Match is that it’s a thinking man’s match X game. You only get a certain number of moves per game, so you have to maximize the number of sneezies you clear with one touch. Thankfully you can arrange each row to your heart’s content before selecting any to match. You can earn money to unlock and upgrade power ups as well as purchase hats to adorn your sneezies. You can also fill up buckets at the bottom of the screen to earn one time power ups. It’s great to see the Sneezies back and hopefully we won’t have to wait another 4 years for them to return again.

Sneezies Match Retro Dreamer, Sneezies Match – Free


Kungfu Brain – Kungfu Brain is a collection of 5 mini-games. You’ll find yourself chucking chopsticks at flies, helping a panda jump over obstacles, making sure an empress doesn’t get the wrong food and more. In and of themselves the games aren’t so stimulating, but where Kungfu Brain makes things challenging is by insisting that you play them two at a time. Occasionally, like with the panda and the chopsticks, the games can actually be somewhat complimentary, and before long you’ll develop a rhythm that will allow you to do well. On the other hand, try playing the memory mini-game with… well, with anything and you’ll see how nerve wracking some of these combinations can get. The game could use a few additions, the most notable being integration with Game Center so you can compete against others for high scores (this is a game that seems like it would benefit from such competition). It would also be nice to see a few more mini-games added to the list of choices. Still, the game is a great way to hone your ability to concentrate on multiple things at once, and it’s actually pretty fun.

Kungfu Brain Kok Seng Chong, Kungfu Brain – Free


Genby – There are certainly no shortage of puzzle games on the App Store featuring cute little creatures that want to get fed. As far as I know, however, Genby is the first one to use a drag and drop mechanic to gather the food and bring it to the ravenous protagonist. Yep, there are no ropes to cut or slice or manipulate in any way here. The food gets attracted to your finger based on a sphere created when you touch the screen, and then it successfully stays with you depending on how quickly you drag your finger around and certain environmental obstacles. You must get a certain amount of food to Genby in order to pass the level, but bonus food never hurts. Things like whirlpools, garbage and exploding fish will stand in your way. There are currently 40 levels, 15 of which you get for free. Hopefully there will be more levels coming soon, though it remains to be seen if they’ll come in updates to the original IAP or as new packs. If you’re a fan of cute creature feeding games but are tired of “cutting the rope”, you should definitely give Genby a try.

Genby Andrey Korikov, Genby – Free


Block Fortress – This is twice now that I have been caught unawares by what was going on in the Foursaken Media camp. First they release the interesting hybrid Heroes and Castles, and now they up the ante in certain regards with Block Fortress. Forget about simply upgrading the construct you wish to protect, now you get to build it from the ground up Minecraft style. Build a lumbering tower or a sprawling castle depending on what suits your playing preferences. Craft unique blocks including power generators, land mines, spotlights and more. Then, when you feel like you’ve adequately safeguarded your dwelling, jump into the fray and mow down the enemies in an FPS game with blocky appeal. The game features day and night cycles, 6 different terrains to master, and several game play modes including a sandbox option. I’ve never really gotten into the Minecraft craze, but this could actually be the game to push me over the edge.

Block Fortress Foursaken Media, Block Fortress – $1.99


Hungry Gows – I’m really enjoying the selection of physics puzzle style games that have come out this week, especially since there is a solid variety none of which play like either Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. When I first saw the screen shots for this one I thought of World Of Goo, but this is actually an elimination game rather than one of building up structures. Apparently several locations have been overrun by these critters called gows, and it’s up to you to get rid of them. You just tap on them to make them go away, at least for the ones that can be eliminated that way. Some must be dispatched by environmental factors, others must be gotten rid of last, and each has its own little quirk. It’s up to you to figure out how to use their weaknesses or abilities in an efficient enough way to earn 3 stars on each level. Of course you can pass a level with less, but each world requires a certain number of stars to unlock. There are currently 60 levels and 25 achievements, and you can use their built in editor to add custom faces to the Gows using your iPhone photo library if you’d like.

Hungry Gows indiePub, Hungry Gows – Free


Roll: Boulder Smash! – What male of a certain age hasn’t dreamed of being in Harrison Ford’s position in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and feeling the rush as you outrun an enormous boulder and recover some ancient treasure? Have you ever wondered what it would like to be the boulder, unleashing wonton havoc on everything standing in your way? Now is your chance to find out thanks to Roll: Boulder Smash for your iOS devices. You’ll navigate the rock with a ‘tude through 9 story levels and 60 challenge levels, pretty much rolling over everything and not bothering to take names. You can test your mettle against fellow rock rollers by competing on the Game Center leaderboards, and in the mean time try to earn the 70+ achievements the game has to offer. You can tilt your device or use an on screen virtual joystick to control the boulder, so hopefully you’ll be content between the two choices. The game looks good, it has a decent sense of humor, and while it may not be the first boulder controlling game on the App Store, it still is one.

Roll: Boulder Smash! All Things Media, Roll: Boulder Smash! – $0.99


Mini Ninjas – I won’t deny that I’ve been giving Square Enix a hard time lately with many of their releases. In fact, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when I found out this was just an infinite runner, and not a cool action game like its Mac OS big brother appeared to be. Turns out the mini Mini Ninjas is actually pretty fun. You have your now pretty standard attack and jump taps depending on which side of the screen you touch. If you’re near a wall you can actually hold the jump button and walk on the walls, which is pretty cool. You can also switch to one of your five friends along the way if you find them and jump into them. This not only gives you different powers temporarily, but it acts as an extra life because when you get hit you transform back to the main ninja instead of dying. You can purchase power ups that are fueled by energy collected when slaying the bad guys, and there are potions that will give you extra benefits and can either be purchased or made using ingredients you collect on your runs. There are also the pre-requisite costume purchases in the store, and something about pets which are coming soon. It’s a pretty standard affair, but there are enough quirks to make it worth playing even if you’ve tried every other runner out there.

Mini Ninjas SQUARE ENIX, Mini Ninjas – $0.99


Rivals At War – I’m not really sure how I feel about this one yet. However, I think it’s an interesting idea, which is why I included it here. You start by picking a country which gives you a default deck of cards to work with. Yes, this is a customizable card game (in a way), which I find refreshing given its lack of fantasy theme. Before each battle you pick the soldiers you want to take with you – up to 6 – and the tactics cards you want to use. As you win battles and earn money you’ll be able to buy new “packs” of cards to get different soldiers and replenish your tactics. Note that once you use a tactic card in a game it’s no longer available in your deck. The one thing I found rather surprising was that once you get into battle, which theoretically is the majority of the game, you basically sit back and watch the fight unfold before you. At least I don’t have to worry about my turn by turn skills, but with only four scenarios at the moment this could get old quickly. Hopefully I’m wrong or there are more scenarios coming soon, because a multi-player game where I don’t have to chat and that doesn’t rely on my poor reflexes is perfect for me.

Rivals at War Hothead Games Inc., Rivals at War – Free


Liberation Maiden – Basically you play a teenage girl who takes on the role of president of New Japan and pilots a giant mech to save the country from evil. I’m not sure what more you could ask for. This game started life on the Nintendo 3DS and thankfully they opted to port it to iOS, because it’s unlike any shooter I’ve played on the device to date. You’ll fly through a 3D world and instead of just tapping a button to shoot you’ll have to select your targets to lock on to them. Also, your shields and weapons come from the same energy repository, so the more you shoot the less protected you are. The controls are pretty simple and in no time at all you’ll be decimating the villains with the best of them. That’s good, of course, as you prepare to take top spot on the leaderboards or collect the Game Center achievements. There’s a story mode complete with plenty of voiceover conversation between the president and her advisor. There’s also a survival mode that gets unlocked once you beat story mode. If you love shooters and you want to try something that stands out from the pack, don’t let Liberation Maiden slip by you.



Infect Them All 2 : Zombies – Infect Them All is one of the first games that I recall offering the twist where you play the zombies, and now after drifting to the vampire side for one installment it’s back in the realm of the rotting undead.  Your job is to use 8 different types of zombies, each with their own unique abilities, to convert everyone in the world to your side.  You’ll be able to upgrade your main zombies as well as anyone you turn in the course of a battle.  The game boasts more than 100 hours of game play including the main mission mode, tower mode, survival mode and more.  There are 40 types of enemies, 11 bosses and gigantic battles that feature more than 200 units at a time.  The game looks to have Magic Cube’s signature awesome pixel graphics, and hopefully it will be chock full of their classic casual game play goodness as well.

Infect Them All 2 : Zombies Magic Cube, Infect Them All 2 : Zombies – $0.99

That was just 10 of the many new releases this past week. Here are several more notable titles you may find of interest:

Well that wraps up another week of games to watch on the App Store. As always, if there’s something you’ve played from the past week that you feel should be part of this list, please leave a reply to this post.

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