Fuel Monitor now free for a limited time


If you’ve always wondered how much it costs to drive to work each day, this is one freebie you need on your iPhone. Fuel Monitor has dropped to free (down from $1.99) and it not only shows you the cost of a trip based on the latest gas price and car model, but also speed, gas used, average consumption, distance and duration.

Unlike other apps that calculate gas prices, this is the only app that uses your GPS to calculate the exact amount, rather than you having to guess the trip’s distance. Fuel Monitor identifies your location and gives you accurate information. Fuel Monitor bases its calculations on consumption data provided by manufacturers, and enhances this data by integrating additional information such as your driving style, traffic jams, accelerations, braking and more.

As the title aptly suggests, Fuel Monitor’s main screen has an “Efficiency Meter”, which essentially shows you the efficiency of your driving. With the aid of the phone’s GPS and the speed of travel, the meter’s green band signifies you’re consuming gas at an optimal rate, whereas yellow and red means your pedal-to-the-metal ways is ultimately going to cost you more for the extra fuel you’re (needlessly) burning. It’ll also let you know when you’re stationary in traffic or step on the accelerator/brake too frequently.

All the data is shown in real time, so you’ll be able to adjust your bad driving habits and save some dosh in the long run. Here are the rest of its features:

  • Trip estimation – estimate the cost of your trip in advance, by distance or by address.
  • There are also functions for parking and finding your way back to your vehicle.
  • We have a pool of over 60,000 vehicles to choose from.
  • Save your trip, and share it with friends or show it to your boss.
  • Calculate the total costs of several trips with the ‘Calculator’ in the ‘My Journeys’ page.
  • Keep the app running in the background.

Fuel Monitor is now free for a limited time and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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