Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop for iPad now Free for a limited time


Splashtop 2, the popular remote desktop app for the iPad (there’s an iPhone version as well), has gone free on the App Store for the very first time. For the uninitiated, the app lets you control your PC/Mac remotely right from the comforts of your iDevice. Once connected into your home/work computer, you’ll then be able to view your files, work on your Word/Excel documents, watch a movie that’s been stored locally and much more.

After Splashtop 2 is installed on your iPad, you’ll also need to download and install Splashtop Streamer (free) on your PC/Mac. In addition, you’ll need to create an account before getting started if it’s your first time using the app . The rest is pretty straight forward and the onscreen instructions will guide you the rest of the way.

Many things can be done for free – like connecting via a local Wifi network, watching videos and listening to music store on your hard drive etc – though if you want to have access remotely via a 3G/4G network (i.e when you’re away from home), you’ll need to pay for a subscription plan. There’s also a subscription that’ll enable configurable shortcuts and a gamepad to help make controlling apps and games easier.

Optional In-App Subscriptions

Get Anywhere Access Pack to access your computer from across the Internet, via our global network of secure, high-performance servers:
— Access reliably across Internet, over 3G, from behind firewalls, etc.
— Optimized streaming performance under varying network conditions over Wi-Fi and 3G
— Fully secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption
— Subscribe monthly for $1.99 or annually for $16.99

Get Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad to easily control your Windows and Mac apps and games:
— On-screen shortcuts mapped to your most commonly used Windows and Mac functions
— Built-in profiles for Microsoft Office, media players, browsers, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Diablo, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
— Create your own shortcuts and profiles
— Subscribe monthly for $0.99 or annually for $9.99

If you’ve always always wanted to remotely tap into your desktop from your iPad and have yet to give Splashtop a try, now’s your chance to grab the app for free.

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