touchscreen gloves in Review – Don’t let a snow storm stop you from using your iPhone

If you’ve ever been out in the bitter cold and wanted to use your iPhone (or smartphone in general), then you already know just how much it sucks to do so as your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this and it involves non other than a pair of touchscreen compatible gloves. Some simply have cutout holes at the fingertips, while others are actually made with conductive fabric and no digits need to be exposed. One such pair is the touchscreen gloves, and they’re designed where the entire glove can interact with the iPhone’s display. They’re smartly designed, look great and even have two magnetic points that help keep the gloves together.

Unlike many of the smartphone-friendly gloves out in the market that either have specific silver contact points or require its users to poke their fingers out from beneath, is woven with real silver threading. This means that you can use your phone or tablet with your entire hand, and not just select finger tips. According to the care label, they’re made mostly out of acrylic (90%), with a finish that’s really soft to touch. They stretch quite a bit and the fabric is relatively thin, and for adults, it’s one size fits all (there’s a Kids size option for ages 4-14).

I have what I’d call average sized hands and the fits, well, “like a glove” (as in nice and snug). Even with extended use, they’re still comfortable to wear and for the winter, they’re certainly warm enough (I’ve used them in temperatures ranging from 0 to -15 degrees Celsius). That said, they’re not the warmest gloves I’ve tried on.

More importantly, how well does the work when using the iPhone? To that I must say surprisingly well. With these gloves on, I’m able to swipe, tap, type and play on my iPhone 5 with nearly as much ease as if I didn’t have them on. Granted, there may be an initial adjustment period when using the – especially when it comes to typing; after all there’s an extra layer of material wrapped around your hands. The sensitivity and response to the touchscreen is quite excellent and I had no difficulty in getting the phone to respond to my gestures/typing. To further give you an idea, I’m able to play one of my favorite iOS match 3 games – Bejeweled – or more specifically, its fast paced and hectic “Lightning” mode with the Glove.lys on and I’m still able to rack up competitive scores (at least by my standards). One thing to keep in mind is that sensitivity could be affected if there’s a screen protector on your device. I know that when testing the gloves with my Otterbox Defender case and its built-in screen shield, the touch response wasn’t nearly as snappy.

The MagLove magnets at work

A really unique feature of the is its “MagLove” technology, where each cuff has a hidden magnet behind the yellow round logo. The magnets themselves aren’t super strong, though they’re strong enough to keep the gloves from being separated in a bag or purse. This is certainly great for those who who’ve lost their share of one glove out of a pair in the past. And apparently, these are the only gloves on the market that have this feature.

My only real issue is the finishing on the gloves. It’s not deal breaker, but the pair I have came with a few random threads that were either a bit lose or hanging out, which I ended up cutting away with a pair of scissors. The other thing to note is that after some use, the ends of the gloves have begun to slightly fray. This doesn’t affect its touchscreen capabilities, but rather it does give it a more “worn” look.

After using the gloves for the past two weeks, I’ve really come to to rely on them when I’m outdoors. I don’t go anywhere without them now and I love how I can still use my iPhone (or iPad) in the cold and not have my hands freeze. They’re comfortable, look great and work well on touchscreen devices. Not to mention that the magnets hidden behind the company logo is a very nice touch. All in all, if you’re looking for a pair of iPhone (or Android) friendly gloves that are warm and work well with your device’s display, the is a solid choice.

The Glove.lys are available in Black and can be purchased on Amazon ($24) or website ($25).

Grab It Rating - 4/5

Product Summary
Title: Maker:
Price: $25 2 Sizes Avail: Adult and Kids
  • Comfortable
  • Well designed
  • Works great on touchscreen
  • MagLove magnets to keep gloves together
  • Not sure how well they’ll fit for those with massive hands
  • Just one color
  • Fraying at ends of gloves

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