Block Blasters in Review – This Is Why You Shouldn’t Play With Bombs


I love physics puzzle game, but there is certainly more than a fair share to choose from.  Still, if one seems to offer something new or do something proven really well I’m more than happy to give it a shot.  In the case of Block Blasters you get to use various forms of explosives to shuffle the board around, so who wouldn’t want to give that a go?  Unfortunately, while the game is conceptually intriguing, in practice it’s more burdensome than anything else.  Imprecise controls, frustrating puzzles and annoying sound effects highlight what should have been a fun little puzzle game.


The red blocks have invaded, and it’s up to you to boot them out while keeping the green blocks safe.  Thankfully you have a limited supply of bombs and dynamite at your disposal, but skillful hands and a sharp mind will guarantee that the resources you have do the trick.  Tap to place a bomb and you’ll immediately see the effects as blocks go flying.  Tap to place a pack of dynamite and you get three seconds to either mock the blocks or do something else.  The nice thing is that the game is real time, so you can set a pack of dynamite and then use a bomb while the dynamite is counting down.  If you do it right you can even redirect a block in mid air with another bomb.

There is no scoring or achievements in Block Blasters.  All you have as a measure of “completion” in the game besides actually finishing each level is collecting the three stars that reside on every level.  The way the game starts out that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an issue.  Unfortunately before long it becomes a bit troublesome, especially once the green blocks are introduced.  You know, the ones you have to protect?  They are still impacted by the events that transpire, and if one of them crosses the boundary on either side of the screen the level is lost.  There are eventually stone blocks that get tossed around but don’t get destroyed with one blast and gold blocks that barely move on impact.


Normally I would welcome the challenge, but I find it so difficult to set the explosions precisely where I want them that I’m often just thrilled to pass a level.  Combine that with the fact that there is no reset button on a level and I very rarely find myself caring about going back to collect all three stars once I’ve passed a level.  For someone that thrives on collecting stars, that’s never a good sign.

The graphics are pretty standard for this type of game.  The red and green blocks are cute, though not nearly as animated and some other puzzle games I’ve played recently.  In fact, the whole visual setup seems pretty stiff, and there is no animation in the background at all.  The sound effects are actually kind of irritating, which makes this the second game in a week where I’ve felt compelled to turn the sound off.  At least the other game had some decent background music, though, whereas this one has none.


Unfortunately, in the end I wasn’t very impressed with Block Blasters.  It’s a fairly run of the mill physics puzzler to begin with, and when you throw in troublesome controls and lackluster aesthetics, I find it very hard to recommend giving the game a try.  In a fledgling game market it might be a different story, but with all the physics puzzle games at your disposal, there are much better options than this.

Slap It Rating - 2/5

App Summary
Title: Block Blasters Developer: G3zar Studios
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 5.1
Price: $0.99 App Size:
  • Certainly not the worst game I’ve played
  • Bombs hard to place precisely
  • Graphics aren’t very animated
  • Sound effects are annoying
  • No background music


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