Pudding Monsters HD in Review – No Bill Cosby But Still Fun

Cut The Rope was one of the first games to be billed as an “Angry Birds killer”, and while I don’t believe it quite made it to that status, there’s no denying the game’s impact on the mobile puzzle game genre.  The developers are back with an entirely different concept in Pudding Monsters, but the important thing is that the game is just as entertaining as Cut The Rope.  Gamers looking for a challenge might be a bit disappointed, as the current level sets are a bit on the easy side overall, but those looking for a cute casual gaming experience are sure to love the whole package.


Pudding Monsters is one of those games where you slide playing pieces around the screen to try and get them to certain spots.  The pieces in this case are all manner of different jiggly creatures, and they’ll only stop when there is an object or another creature in the way.  Objects simply stop the creatures, and in the case of ice blocks break on contact.  When a creature collides with another creature they merge to become a bigger creature and lose any type of “powers” the original creatures had.  The one exception to this is the eyeball, which can’t merge with another creature until it has rolled in some goop to become a creature itself.  There is also a replicator object that instead of stopping creatures creates clones of them as they pass through.

Your primary objective on each level is to merge all of the creatures into one big one, and while I haven’t experiment much with the concept yet I believe there is more than one way to solve some of these puzzles.  The secondary objective is to make sure that by the time you’ve merged all the creatures, part of the resulting monster is resting on top of each of the three stars found on a given level.  There are 24 base levels and a bonus level to each pack, and currently there are 3 level packs.  I’ve managed to get 3 stars in all but the bonus level of the last pack, which is why I caution that this might not be the most difficult puzzle game on the market.  Casual players should have no problem getting into it, though, and kids will love it.


The controls are simple – touch a monster and swipe it in the direction you want to go.  There is nothing else to interact with because the creatures themselves handle the rest.  The only problem I’ve ever had with the controls is accidentally hitting the reset button once or twice, but that’s just me being clumsy.  Besides earning three stars on each level there are 20 game center achievements to get, a couple of which might take some thought to accomplish.  Unfortunately there’s not much replay factor beyond that, but there’s more than enough fun trying to accomplish the goals in the first place.

Like Cut The Rope, the atmosphere in Pudding Monsters is best described as cute.  The visuals are quite colorful and there are amusing little details including various objects like school buses sticking out of the creatures’ heads.  It’s fun to watch the critters dance around while they are waiting for you to do something as well.  The sound effects are decent enough, though if you get too many of certain types of monsters on the screen at once it can get a bit annoying.  Sadly there is only one musical track spread across the three worlds, but it suits the game well and never really gets boring.


As a gamer that likes puzzle games but tends not to be very good at them, I appreciated the thoughtful yet mostly easy level sets.  The concept itself was a nice variation of a time tested style of play, and the atmosphere was just right to draw you in and make you smile.  I hope there are more level sets soon, and now that we’ve gotten the basic stuff out of the way some more challenge would be fine, but whatever comes down the road you can bet I’m ready for more Pudding Monsters madness!

Kiss It Rating - 5/5

App Summary
Title: Pudding Monsters HD Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 4.3
Price: $0.99 App Size:
  • Simple, addictive game play
  • Colorful graphics
  • Cool background music
  • Tad on the easy side
  • Lacks replay value


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