Get your free copy of Fairway Solitaire (full version) for the iPhone


Big Fish Games is now giving away free copies of their smash hit Fairway Solitaire, a mighty addictive variation of solitaire with a golf theme. This solitaire game with a humorous twist has the player attempting to clear all the cards in a hole (over 350 to play through) with “golf clubs” and playing cards in their own deck. The only way to capture a card is to use one from the deck that is either one number higher or lower than that on the playing field. The real fun lies in trying to string together a series of card runs, which in turn will unlock golf bucks (in-game currency) and other achievements.

Then there are the water and sand traps, golf shop with item upgrades, and of course, a peeved gopher (aka Gutsy McDivot) who’ll do anything to put a damper on your golf scores. Fairway Solitaire is one of the few iOS games where I’ve spent money on IAP to buy items within the game. If you’re a fan of casual games, especially of the solitaire variety, you’ll love this hit from Big Fish.

To score your free copy of Fairway Solitaire (full version) for the iPhone/iPod Touch, simply head over to Big Fish’s giveaway page. There you can enter your country, type in the captcha code and click the “Get it Now!” button. A promo code will then be given on the next page, where you can copy and paste it into iTunes (under redeem to the right on the main page) or the App Store app on iOS (scroll to the bottom of the “Featured” page, and you’ll see Redeem button). This giveaway has been going for a few days now, and there’s no mention on when it’ll end, so be sure to grab your code before the promotion runs its course.

Note: If you’re on your computer, you can click on this iTunes link to take you directly to the Code Redemption page on iTunes. 

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