iPod Touch survives test drop from 100,000 feet [Video]


By and large, cellphone cases have traditionally been designed to withstand drops from moderate heights, say several feet or more – certainly not from outer space. In their latest publicity stunt (a recent one being an iPad test drop), accessories maker G-Form have once again attempted to see if an iPod Touch using their signature XTREME case (designed for the iPhone 5) can survive a 100,000 foot free fall from the stratosphere.

Surprisingly, the iPod Touch is intact and even turns off after the long decent and impact – thanks in large part to what G-Form calls Reactive Protection Technologyâ„¢. Their newest Xtreme line features “revolutionary” 3-layer protective composite, which combines a tough polycarbonate outer shell, an inner RPT core, and a third shock-absorbing TPE layer.

Here are some numbers from the near-space drop:

  • Flight distance: landed 41 miles from launch
  • Launch site: Near Area 51 in Nevada Desert
  • Maximum height: Over 100,000 feet
  • Temperature Endured: -60 degrees
  • Retrieval: Used GPS tracking device and helicopter
  • Time from Launch to Landing: 1hour and 45 minutes

If your $5 iDevice case is starting to look a bit flimsy and doesn’t seem like it’ll survive an accidental (3-4 foot) drop, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a more reliable one. Then again, I know of people who refuse to slap a case to cover up their sleek and sexy iPhone 5. Me? I still have my Otterbox Defender on my i5.

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