Quick Pick: Frequency ~ Tune in, Watch Videos

Have you ever found yourself jumping from app to app, or webpage to webpage watching online videos from various sources? If so, you need Frequency. It’s similar to Zite in that it aggregates news content under one roof, but instead of articles, you’ll find videos. Lots of them.

Frequency finds, organizes and delivers all the video you care about. Instead of going to all of your favorite websites, social networks and apps to watch the latest videos, this 5-Star app brings the best of everything to you on your iPad or iPhone.

With Frequency, you can watch video from all your favorite online sources on your favorite topics: news, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, music, sports, technology and much more. You can also watch videos your friends share with you on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and from your YouTube account.

What’s to Like:

  • Thousands of channels to choose from under broad range of categories
  • Add channels to personalize your account
  • Watch all the latest videos from your favorite sites with just one app
  • Watch videos your friends share with you on Facebook or Twitter
  • Trending and Viral videos at your finger tips
  • Save videos to ‘Favorites’ or ‘Watch Later’ list
  • Change video quality (Auto/low/high/1080p)
  • Saved Channels and lists synced across iDevices and even on the web
  • Waste time watching Mr.Bean and Just For Laugh gags!

What’s not to Like:

  • No way to look up specific video feeds via a search
  • Video feed only goes back to several days/weeks/months, all depending on the individual feed
  • If you have a LOT of channels added, locating them isn’t the most friendly (instead of displaying them in a row, it’d be nice to have the icons presented in a grid

And with the recent update of Frequency, browsing through videos with the app is now possible on the iPhone. Aside from being optimized for the iPhone 5, you can swipe up/down on the video player to skip to the next video (works on the iPad as well). This helps make it even easier to use with just one hand. The update’s also brought in some new channels, like PopSugar, College Humor, Space.com and more.

You won’t find full length feature movies or network TV shows, but for catching up on news, the latest viral vids or browsing through video content of your favorite websites, Frequency makes for a great companion on your iPhone and/or iPad. Best of all, it’s completely free, so if wasting time consuming online videos is your thing, Frequency is a must-have for your app collection.

Frequency ~ Tune In, Watch Videos Frequency ~ Tune In, Watch Videos – Free

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