Watch all the Apple TV ads ever made

Did you know Will Ferrell was in an Apple TV ad?

Quick. How many Apple TV ads have ever been made? If you said 485, that’d be correct. Well, according to someone with way too much time on their hands anyway. Found under the Youtube channel EveryAppleAds (via The Next Web), you can now watch all the classics in one place. From the very first Apple TV ad (1977) to the recent iPad mini adverts, it’s (supposedly) all there. Yes, you can re-watch all the Mac vs. PC ads starring Justin Long and the ‘other guy’ (John Hodgman). Below are but a few of the ones I’ve enjoyed from a number of years ago. For the full playlist, head over to the Youtube page.

iPod + iTunes ad – Pop-Lock (2005)

Get A Mac ad – Stuffed (2007)

Get a Mac ad – Trainer (2009)

iPad ad – iPad is Amazing (2010)

iTunes ad – Beattles coming to America (2010)

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