Review: OneSafe – Secure password manager and data vault

A couple of years ago apps that remembered your business cards and scanned your papers were the rage. It’s not so much that time has changed, it’s that the smartphone really is a computer replacement. Now, the haphazard storing of files in Notes and pictures doesn’t cut it. Lunabee Pte. ltd., makers of oneSafe, seem to think so. And after a over month of use (yep, rather overtime this review is), I think so, too.


The safety of your files is the first and foremost concern for a security app. Lunabee go about it in various ways, the first of which is by employing AES 256 encryption. The second is by applying a second password, also similarly encrypted. From an outside hacker’s perspective, getting any information from OneSafe is hard. The second layer alone adds days if not weeks to decryption cracking. It’s safe to say that your stuff should be safe from hackers. But what if your phone falls into the hands of a thief? Assuming you lock your phone with a passcode, and you use a different code for OneSafe, there is little fear. Petty thieves often have paltry computer skills.

That, and upon initial set up, you can choose from a simple 4 digit pin, a geometric pattern, or an alphanumeric string of your choosing. The 4 digit pin is the least secure. The pattern and alphanumeric string really do the trick, allowing you to decide length and password strength.

If you’re sure you’re being tailed, don’t direct yourself into small alleyways, use the Decoy Safe to fool the sneak behind you. Paranoid? Self-destruct has your back: 3 unsuccessful access attempts wipes OneSafe’s memory banks. Warning, self-destruct will remove all information you’ve entered and reset OneSafe.

File Storage

You can lock up important files: text, pictures, work files, etc., in OneSafe’s vaults as well as store important data from your daily life. Credit cards, business cards, schedules, contacts, addresses, and more can safely go into OneSafe. Lunabee add a number of helpful templates to get you going. The rest is up to your creativity.

Primarily, I use it to store passwords. You know what it’s like today: gmail, TMA forums, Headfi, house lock, bank card, credit card, and on and on. There is too much to remember. Until very recently, I’ve relied on my excellent memory to safely store away all that stuff. And, as a result, I’m constantly phoning up my bank, asking to reset my telephone password.

OneSafe on the iPad


OneSafe is hierarchal. The most important item in that hierarchy is the top-level password. From there, different sections are accessed by button presses or horizontal swipes. Overall, getting around Lunabee’s app is simple. Getting into and out of the well-implemented search mode never too far away: 2 button presses when in the category menu, and a few more if in editing screens.

Who will use it?

I, for one, will. The pin-up board I use at home is just begging for a good, strong wind to sweep through Chiba, and with it, carry my passwords to my arch-nemesis, a bloke by the name of Archer, who lives in the next town over. In the smartphone landscape, I’m a relative old-timer. But I can get used to storing everything on my phone, including passwords and even credit card information. Younger folk will probably take to OneSafe like a duck to fluffy white bread tossed on a cold autumn day.

Louis. The glass under the secret pictures icon of his iPhone already has a divot. Nuff said.

The only fly under the butter is this: once on your iPhone or iPad, always there. You can’t – and, as this is a highly secure app, shouldn’t be able to – export sensitive stuff out. But assuming you live in a high castle, it doesn’t take the iching to point out one flaw: There is no companion app on the computer. Sharing files back and forth between a Mac and iDevice requires iTunes.


Yes, that horrible, bloated POS software that wants to do everything and then more. Lunabee’s otherwise suave software is hampered by Apple’s worst. This has to change.


I didn’t expect this level of polish and security in an iPhone app. Not yet. Lunabee’s design team make using OneSafe easy. Their programmers make it safe. If only there was a way to safely store, access, and sync files with your computer that didn’t involve iTunes, this app would be perfect. As it is, OneSafe comes with strong recommendations.


App Summary
Title: oneSafe Developer: Lunabee Pte. Ltd.
Reviewed Ver: Min OS Req: 5.1
Price: $5.99 App Size:
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Create passcode with 4 digit pin, geometric pattern, or alphanumeric string
  • Self-destruct feature
  • Decoy Safe
  • iCloud sync between iDevices
  • Universal app
  • No companion app on computer
  • Sharing files between devices requires iTunes


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