Evernote 5 now available on Mac App Store

After several weeks in beta, Evernote 5 has officially launched and is now available on the Mac App Store. The complete redesign took a year in the making and comes packed with over 100 new features.

We’ve spent the past year identifying the needs of new and advanced users to craft an environment that beautifully caters to both. We re-imagined the look of the app to make everything more accessible. We explored the changing role of sharing and collaboration within Evernote and the opportunities we have to make them more useful. We considered search and the ways that we could make it feel like it was one step ahead of your thoughts. In short, it’s the Evernote we’ve always wanted.

I’ve been using the beta and can’t speak highly enough about this major update. Love the new interface, especially the retooled sidebar where user shortcuts and recent notes can be found (in the top left). Recently, Evernote 5 released for the iPhone and iPad with new features, including handy gesture swipes to reveal notes, tags etc. Check out the list of what’s new and a quick video walkthrough after the break.

You can also read more about Evernote 5 for Mac on the Evernote blog and the What’s New Page.

What’s New in Version 5.0.0

Evernote 5 has been redesigned with over 100 new features including:

Left Sidebar

– Shortcuts: Drag notebooks, notes, and tags to the left pane for quick access
– Recent notes: Lets you quickly get back to notes from anywhere in Evernote
– Notebooks and Tags view: Organize your Evernote more efficiently

Browsing and Creating Notes

– Atlas: Browse your notes visually by geographic location
– Card and Snippet views: A better way to browse notes
– Scalable note editor: A more elegant way to create notes, both big and small

– Full-screen single note view: Excellent for composing notes without distractions
– Change a note’s location: Type a place manually or click the compass arrow in note info
– Lots of keyboard shortcuts: Learn more on our What’s New page
– Shared banner: Indicates how many people have access to content in shared notebooks
– Better simple and plain text handling: Simplify notes to remove complex formatting or convert them to plain text
– Indent text: Evernote for Mac now supports text indentation
– Notes created on the Mac are now tagged with location information for Atlas

Smarter Search

– Type ahead search: Completes your thoughts with suggestions from your account
– Search Personal and Joined notebooks: Search your entire account from one place
– Search options: Powerful new feature that lets you easily filter your search


– Better sharing: Notebooks and shared notebooks are all in one place
– Mountain Lion notifications: See Evernote activity in Notification Center
– Joined notebooks can be added to stacks

Other Improvements

– Lots of stability improvements
– Sync improvements: Faster, more reliable sync
– Explore Evernote: First launch experience that helps you get the most out of Evernote

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