Evernote 5 update now available for iOS

Evernote 5 for iOS is here. First announced in late October that the Mac version would be receiving a complete overhaul, the iPhone and iPad update also brings a redesign with speed and note accessibility in mind (not to mention visual appeal).

Our goal with the redesign was simple: make all major functions accessible within two taps. Achieving this goal was easier said than done. Evernote is a powerful app that’s used for a huge variety of tasks. Our team of graphic and interface designers spent months developing an approach that fit the needs of our users. From quick note takers to hyper organizers, the new Evernote 5 has you covered.

The most obvious change in Evernote 5 for iOS is the home screen. Now divided into two sections, Quick notes lets you create 3 types of notes: a regular note, an image note from the built-in camera and the “Page Camera” note that turns your document scans into digital notes (with ability to detect and crop page edges, and improved corrections made for brightness and contrast). The other is what Evernote is simply calling “Views”, where you can easily access All Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Places and Premium features. On the iPad, thanks to the extra real estate, there’s also Recent Notes area (presented in a horizontally scrolling fashion) above that shows all the recent notes that have either been viewed, edited or created on the iPad.

Evernote 5 for iPad. New UI is much improved over previous versions

Having used the new version of Evernote on my iDevices for a good part of the day, I’m quite happy with the changes made to the UI. Recent Notes is real handy for accessing often-used notes quickly and I love how you can drag down on any Card view header (be it All Notes, Notebooks etc.) to move straight back to the home page view. And on the iPad, a much welcomed addition is the ability to browse your Notebook Stacks, which was a feature sorely missing in previous iterations. The one thing I’m not too keen on is that there’s no snippets (or list) layout to view your notes on the iPad; presently, all notes are displayed via the new Cards layout.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s new found in the 5.0 update:

• New home screen features quick access to notes, notebooks, tags, places, and Premium features
• Create new notes with fewer taps using home screen quick note buttons
• Note list redesigned with new card style to showcase note content
• Added ability to quickly create new notebooks from the Notebooks list
• Places displays notes on a zoomable map
• Evernote Premium view lets you access Premium features and account status
• New unified shared notebook list shows your notebooks and ones shared with you

New iPad features:
• Added notebook stack support in Notebooks view
• List of recently viewed, edited and created notes appear on the home screen for easy multi-tasking

Evernote 5 is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and best of all, it’s completely free to use. The (optional) Premium upgrade is $5/month or $45/per, and this includes 1GB uploads per month, offline notes access and passcode in iOS, view note history and search within PDF files.

This is easily one of the top 3 apps I use most on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, and I’d be completely lost with it. I store all my receipts, important PDF files I need to reference later, web clippings, everyday/general notes and so much more on Evernote. I even use it to make note of where I leave certain items around the house (how often have you asked yourself “now where did I put that…”) and a rehash of phone conversations I have with various people – in particular, phone calls I make to credit card companies/billing departments/tech support etc. so I can look it up at a later date and remind myself the particulars of the conversation. This is just a small sample of what Evernote can be used for and it’ll differ depending on your needs and workflow.

Here’s the official Evernote page highlighting all the new 5.0 features on iOS and an overview video below.

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