Borderlands Legends now available for iPhone and iPad

2K Games has finally released the anticipated mobile version of the bestselling Borderlands for iOS - Borderlands Legends. Unlike its console/PC sibling, you won’t find any FPS action, but rather a top-down real time strategy of sorts.

Borderlands Legends is the latest addition to the Borderland franchise, specifically designed for mobile and tablet. Control Mordecai, Lilith, Brick and Roland and take out the oncoming waves of enemies. Collect in-game cash by destroying enemies and purchase new weapons. Earn experience and level up your characters, unlocking new skills and abilities! Each character has their own set of unique skills and abilities, use them wisely to survive!

Strangely enough, the app isn’t optimized for the iPhone 5, meaning that for users of the latest iPhone, it’ll play in letterboxed mode

. If you’re a Borderlands fan, the game may be worth checking out, though early reviews are a mixed bag so far. Check out the gameplay trailer and IGN’s video preview below.

Borderlands Legends 2K Games, Borderlands Legends – $4.99
Borderlands Legends HD 2K Games, Borderlands Legends HD – $6.99

Game Features:

– Play as your favorite characters from the original Borderlands
– Randomized missions
– Thousands of different weapons
– 36 unique powers and abilities
– Strategic cover system
– Fight for your life mode

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