Languages released for iPhone – a cheap and gorgeous offline translator

Languages, brought to you by Sonico (iTranslate+) and Tapity (Grades 2), may very well be the last translator you’ll ever need on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s not only beautifully designed and works offline, but it’s also just $0.99. Twelve complete language dictionaries are included (Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch etc.), so there’s no need for internet access to look up words and phrases – most ideal for when traveling with your iDevice.

Besides being lightning quick (and it really is fast compared to other translation apps), Languages also supports unified search, meaning you can simply start typing a word and results in both languages will begin to appear. This helps eliminate the need to constantly switch back and forth manually between a given language. Moreover, this is the first translation tool on the iPhone I’ve seen that relies heavily on gestures. For instance, you swipe right to search the dictionary; swipe right to clear the current search; and pinch to close the dictionary.

You won’t find more advanced features like voice recognition or verb conjugations (you’ll need iTranslate+ for that), but for simple translations, offline use and a snappy UI, I can’t think of a better app out there for iOS at the moment. And the fact that it’s only $0.99 is a huge bonus.

Languages Sonico GmbH, Languages – $0.99


Lightning-fast translation that works without an internet connection.

â—† Offline translation. Most translation apps require an internet connection. Languages stores all words on the phone itself so you always have translation when you need it, whether you are traveling internationally or simply don’t have a connection.
â—† Lightning fast. Start typing a few letters and boom, you already have the translation you need.
â—† Unified search. Type a word from either language and you’ll get the results you want. No more switching modes.
â—† Search or browse. Search is great but sometimes it’s useful and fun to explore a language by browsing through the words alphabetically.
â—† Innovative A-Z index for quick browsing.
â—† Common phrases included for most languages.

12 complete language dictionaries included
â—† Spanish-English
â—† German-English
â—† French-English
â—† Italian-English
â—† Dutch-English
â—† Portugese-English
â—† Swedish-English
â—† French-Italian
â—† French-Spanish
â—† German-French
â—† German-Italian
â—† German-Spanish
â—† Most offline translation apps charge $5+ for each language pair.

Pro Tips
â—† Tap and hold the index to magnify the letters.
â—† Swipe to the right to search.
â—† In search, swipe to the left to go back to the dictionary.
â—† In search, swipe to the right to clear a search (much faster than reaching for the clear button).
â—† Pinch to close a language dictionary.
â—† Tap and hold to move a dictionary on the shelf.
â—† Tap a word to copy it.
â—† Tap the flag icon to switch the primary language.

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