iGear now taking pre-orders for iPad Mini Case

We’re 2 days away from the highly anticipated unveiling of the iPad Mini and accessories maker iGear is now taking pre-orders for its iPad Mini Portfolio case. While there’s no mention of its dimensions (all signs are pointing to a 7.85″ screen), the product page describes it as:

This is a well padded portfolio case for the new iPad Mini featuring PU Leather – it offers the look and feel of leather but is more durable for daily use. A magnetic cover keeps the portfolio closed when not in use for a clean and tidy look. Soft velvet lining protects the iPad Mini all around. Can be used in multiple angles for typing, movie watching, etc. Simple, elegant, very functional.

The iGear iPad Mini case ships on Nov 1st and pricing varies depending on the number purchased. For example, buy between 1-10, it’s $39.99 per case; $37.99 for 11-25 bought; and purchase 101 or more and the price drops to $31.99 ea. It’s your typical folio style case you’ve come to expect for the iPad, though just shrunk down a bit.


  • Durable PU leather padded portfolio case
  • Full-body protection all around the iPad Mini
  • Magnetic cover holds the iPad Mini securely
  • Soft fabric lining protects iPad Mini’s sreen
  • Can be set up at multiple angles for typing and movie watching

On Friday, 9 to 5 Mac reported that the ‘minimum’ price of the base mode of the iPad Mini will likely be $329 in the US. And recent rumors have pegged its release date on November 2nd, which will be exactly 10 days after this coming Tuesday’s media event.

There’s always an element of risk when buying accessories before a device is even announced, though with all the recent leaks for both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, it’s possible that manufacturers in China have been able to mass produce them with legit blueprints (as was the case with Hard Candy’s iPhone 5 case). Earlier this month, ZAGG put up a landing page on their website for the Apple iPad Mini Screen Protector, which has since been taken down.

If you’re anxious to protect your iPad Mini (or whatever Apple will be calling it) with a case and have faith in iGear that it’ll be a proper fit, head on over to their website for the pre-order. Below is a video of the Portfolio case being demoed.

And here’s an earlier demo from early October showing one of their prototype iPad mini cases.

[via iGear PR]

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